'Tis abit early but...

<p>Chance me please.</p>

-Citizenship(s): Russian and U.S.
-Nationality: Russian
-Ethnicity: Russian/White
-Religion: Jewish
-Class: Incoming Junior, 11th grade
-School: Chaminade College Preparatory High school
-Born in: Russia
-Current location: California</p>

<p>General academic stats
-GPA: 3.9 (UW); 4.17 (W)
-Rank: School does not do ranks
-SAT: Have not taken yet, but currently studying like a madman.
-SAT IIs: Math, 800</p>

-Lit.: A/A
-Span I: A/A
-Alg. I: A/A
-Conceptual Phys. Sci.: A/A
-Geography: A (one sem.)
-Growing with Jesus (religion): B (one sem.)
-The Faith Community (religion): A (one sem.)
-Creative Writing: A (one sem.)
-Music Appreciation: A/A</p>

-Introduction to Expository Composition: B </p>

-Honors American Lit.: B/A
-Span. II: A/A
-Honors Geometry: A/A
-Honors Biology: A/A
-World History: A/A
-Contemporary Christian Morality (religion): A (one sem.)
-Hebrew Scriptures (religion): A (one sem.)</p>

<p>Extracurriculars (kind of weak =/)</p>

<p>-Active One Million Waves club member (it is basically a kindness club where we raise money and donate to charities).
-Officer of Human Resorces of Future Doctors of America club at my school
-Culinary Club
-International Culture Club
-I volenteer at the local library</p>

-Award of excelence in Geometry (it means I am was the best in Geometry of the whole school the year I took it)
-Award of excelence in Conceptual Phys. Sci. (it means I am was the best in this of the whole school the year I took it)
-Award of excelence in Biology (it means I am was the best in this of the whole school the year I took it)
-Published twice in our school literary magazine (one poem, the other a short story)</p>

<p>Other (fun) facts
-I'm fluent in Russian
-It appears that I am one year back in mathematics but next summer I will take pre-calc and my senior year I will take Calc. BC.
-I will take AP econ. next year as well as AP psych.
-Senior year I plan on taking AP Phys, AP Calc BC, and AP Chem.
-I am pretty sure I got a 5 on my AP HUG exam.</p>

<p>Schools of Interest
-CSUN (safety)
-Any others you may suggest, be they safety or others.</p>

<p>~Thank you guys so much!</p>

<p>Try to take leadership roles in those EC's. And even if they are considered "weak" they would not be if you were an officer. I'm only in a few EC's but I'm an officer in almost every EC I'm in. I think so far you're definitely on the right track for UCLA and USC. Berkeley and MIT are still definitely reaches, but they are for everyone. Take AP and Honors for the next 2 years and try to get into NHS.</p>

<p>I will keep this in mind, thanks r0k.</p>

<p>edit: oh and I'm an officer in Future Doctors of America, forgot to mention that.</p>

<p>This won't work too well without SAT/ACT scores.</p>

<p>hmmm, good point NewAccount, just curious, what would I need to get on the SAT to score around the UC range?</p>

<p>I would say aim for 2200+ in general for the schools that you listed.</p>

<p>Thanks, I will keep working on that then.</p>

<p>Work on your extracurriculars as well. You are in great shape with your GPA.</p>