'Tis truely a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

<p>So, for many of us, our financial aid packages arrived today. Considering my EFC is the equivalent of the national debt, I expected $0. I've received merit scholarships from other colleges I've applied to, but have received absolutely $0 in financial aid. To my complete shock Notre Dame was quite generous with a University Scholarship! Apparantly there is a "donor" which I must & will thank.</p>

<p>Financial aid told my mom this award was based on need, but according to FAFSA & CSS, we don't have any need! They also said this was no mistake. So I am stunned and thrilled at the same time.</p>

<p>Is there anyone else out there who expected nothing and got a nice surprise today? :)</p>

<p>No, but that's pretty awesome! I'm assuming you were admitted EA? Congrats, ND is truly a wonderful school (and, apparently, has some wonderful donors ;) )</p>

<p>SisterSue, may I ask how much you received? We are in a similar financial situation (meaning our EFC is around the COA) , and would like to know what is possible.</p>

<p>I just received my SAT scores and received a 2150. Is this likely to be a good score for an ND applicant?</p>