Tisch auditions help from experienced students

<p>Could someone explain to me, preferably those who have gone through the process, how it went down. You sing two or three songs? all of them 32 bar cut right? then you act. Is the acting your monolouge’s or are you given something to act? Another thingi’m at a loss of where to find monolouges. I think i find one, by luck, i was thinking of something from Henry the IV shakespeare. thats a lil bit easier one me because i don’t know any other play besides shakespears stuff…but is that age appropriate? Does it have to be age appropriate? i’ve never monolouged ever. And finding one is a bit hard. I was just told you shouldn’t pull monolouges from musicals T_T That put a dent in my plans. How do i find plays. I’m doomed D:</p>

<p>Yes always, always do something age/gender/type appropriate.
Tisch has very specific monologue requirements - check them out carefully. If I remember correctly they are more on the 20th century and beyond side. But look it up. My brain isn't so good anymore.
When my D auditioned on campus last year, she did her monologue(s) in one room for one person and she sang in another room for another person.<br>
You can use a monologue book for last minute inspiration but make sure the monologue is from a published play and get very familiar with the whole play. If there was more time you'd want to avoid monologue books.</p>