TJHSST Chances

<p>Hi, I am a current 9th grader and I got rejected last year for TJ freshmen admissions. I am very serious about TJ so I am applying again for the sophomore round. I would like people who got in as froshmores to answer this or people currently in TJ. I am taking the PSAT in 5 weeks for TJ and would like to know what score range would be good for TJ Froshmore admissions. Also, what extra curriculars would be great for the TJ application. Thanks! Also, I am an all A student currently going to Oakton High School. I really hate the non academic environment there and am really hoping to make it this time around. I was in GT last year for my middle school and am currently taking all honors courses (highest level offered) and also am in Algebra 2 Honors. Please tell me what scores would be good for TJ and what not on how to make it in. Once again, Thanks!</p>

<p>You've literally been at your high school for 2 weeks, so you don't even have the As you say you have yet. Also,how can you know whether or not there is an academic environment from observing for 2 WEEKS? I suggest you buckle down and just try to find people with similar interests. They probably have academic clubs like Debate, MUN, Math Honor Society, Science Honor Society, stc. where you can find people that enjoy school. And if you're taking honors classes, aren't the people in those classes the LEAST bit interested in school?</p>

<p>And for your question, TJ only admits around 12 sophomores a year. These are the kids who usually had through the roof TJ Test scores but their essays and stuff didn't shine. So unless that was you, I'd keep your hopes low. As for a good score on the PSAT, I'd say above a 210 should be good, but there are no guarantees. As for your GT/ All Honors things, trust me ,everyone who's applying for Soph. year would def. have done those things too.</p>

<p>And one more thing, stay off CC until like junior year. Just focus on school and ECs, this site won't help.</p>

<p>Look dude, I am a total A student and I work to the level to maintain it. And, about TJ, the test score was an 83 (44-Verbal ; 39-Math, panicked in math part even though I rock at math) only because I had a panic attack during the test. I usually scored above 90's on the practice tests. I went to TJ prep. Also, I talked to TJ, they said that they don't look at your previous application. And, you see, I am a REALLY academically motivated student and I used to go to Rachel Carson and my friends were all GT students along with me who got into TJ. (Literally every single one of them). You say I shouldn't have hopes? So just because I was overly concerned about TJ and had a panic attack and screwed up I just don't have a chance of ever making it? That hurts because I am working REALLY hard to get a good PSAT score. Also, there are a LOT of freshmen on this site if you don't know :l</p>

<p>Ok, let me get real with you. I also go to Oakton. had the same situation as you, 44 verbal 45 math. All my friends got into TJ and I didn't. I thought life was over. I went to Oakton and was pretty sad about it. About the third week of school, I started making friends with smart kids. I then got involved in many clubs like MUN and Debate and Math Honor Society. Also, it's easier to get leadership pos. in clubs here than it would be @ TJ for down the road. I have gotten all As throughout highschool and took 2 APs as a sophomore, more than any soph. at TJ is even allowed to take. So, do you know what hurts? Saying that there is no academic environment at Oakton, because I can assure you there is. If you really want to know more about the opportunities here, PM me.</p>

<p>Secondly, when I was talking about people w/ high scores who didn't get in to TJ, I just meant that the people who usually get in Soph. year were the ones who could do exceptionally well on the testing but the other parts of their apps did't come through. I never meant to imply to you that they would look @ your previous app. And, I hate saying this, but the fact that you got test anxiety could mean that you could do the same thing on the PSAT. The best thing to do when you are anxious about a test is to take the pressure off yourself. TJ is not the be-all-end-all. Thousands of people around the country and in this area are successful w/o going to TJ. So I'm not telling you to not have dreams, I'm telling you to be realistic. Of course you have a chance. As soon as you submit your app you give yourself a chance. Just know that the chance is very small. Only 12ish people get in soph year. So sure try your hardest and try to get into TJ. But just know that there are other options. So all in all, I believe that being in the top 10ish of Oakton is better than being the middle of the pack at TJ.</p>