to ACT or not to ACT...that is the question.

<p>So I'm a junior who's planning on taking the SAT sometime soon. I've heard about the ACT but I'm not sure whether to take it. I've never taken the SAT, except when I was 12 and I got a 1260 (700V, 560M). Since then I've taken the PSAT, in soph year, I got 80W, 71CR, 64M (the math score was insane, I'm actually not bad at math. I got a 78 after taking the practice test honestly this year. We'll see what the new score is.) Anyway, why take the ACT? Who should take it? I heard it's good for "people who perform better in the classroom..." but what does that mean? I get good grades but I'm "good" at standardized tests too. BTW my best subjects are history and english. And I'm also aiming for UPenn, so assuming I get a 2200ish on the SAT (which looks likely if you consider my old PSAT score), is it worth it to take the ACT instead? I just want high scores</p>

<p>Well if you are shooting for ivy league schools don't bother with the ACT. Although they say that they consider both tests equally they really prefer the SAT. Or at least that is what has been implied by several past threads related to this same topic. The ACT is generally much more popular in the west, midwest, and south than in the east. Virtually everyone on the west coast will take the test and most people on the east coast will not.
Some people do much better on one test than on the other. I did a million times better on the ACT than on the SAT so I know this is true. My scores had absolutely no comparison. I think that you should just take both and see which one you prefer and than go from there. Anyway good luck with whatever you decide.</p>

<p>ACT should only be considered if u consider attending a school in the midwest. University of Chicago and such take teh ACT. dont bother if u are aiming for IVY</p>