To all applicants:

<p>To those who were denied: I am terribly sorry! I understand the pain of rejection, and it often comes with tears and disappointment and of course the incessant ruminations of "why???" But do not despair - you are no less unique than any other applicant at elite schools. Every year fate is determined via luck among other factors, and all admissions officers acknowledge that. But I have confidence that if you had the credentials to apply to Tufts, you would do well anywhere you would decide to go. I wish you all the best of luck in the future, and hope that you happily find a new home. Who knows? It may seem like a hidden blessing in the grand scheme of things. Surprises often arise in the most unlikely of places, but ultimately an education is what you make of it. Good luck!</p>

<p>To the accepted: I whole-heartedly congratulate you and hope that you choose to consider Tufts as a place to learn and grow within the next four years. If you ever have any questions, do not hesitate to ask on these forums. Visit the campus, talk to your friends, and do some soul searching on whether or not Boston or Tufts is right for you. Remember, a school is only as good as its match to your personality and comfort. As always, me, Julia, Ariesathena, and other Tufts students will try their best to answer your questions to help you make a carefully thought over decision. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks snuffles, that was very well said. I have to admit, I have sort of avoided your posts, and Tufts posts in general. They tended to make me love the school more and I didn't think I had a prayer for admission-I was trying to reduce the potential for heartache. Now that I've been accepted, I'm really looking foward to all your insights (past and future). Thanks for taking the time!</p>

<p>Thanks, I appreciate it. I was accepted and since you seem to be in the mood to answer questions, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind answering a few of mine.</p>

<p>How is the party scene at Tufts? Is there at least one open to everyone on any given Friday or Saturday? Do you have to drink to enjoy yourself, or can a guy like me who enjoys an occasional beer but isn't a hard drinker have a good time?</p>

<p>The other thing I've been wondering was, how much/often do the students go off campus? Does Medford have much in the way of a nightlife? Or even a daylife? Or does everyone pretty much amuse themselves on campus?</p>

<p>The party scene is pretty decent. You can find the frats open for alcohol if you choose, but a lot of the parties occur in the apartments on the weekends. Not everyone chooses to drink, but Tufts is currently working on solutions and $$ to give to organizations that provide entertainment that is nonalcoholic. I actually don't drink all that often because I don't find that I have to in order to have fun, but I don't mind having a beer every now and then. Freshman usually flood the frats :)</p>

<p>Things to do on campus. (To see what goes on in our daily lives, visit <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;)
There is a bus from Tufts that goes into Boston late at night to deal with the T closing very early, making clubbing possible without spending an exorbitant amount on taxi fares. I usually go into Boston 1-2 times a week since there's not much to do in Medford, but I suppose that's a good thing (I'm VERY easily distracted and probably couldn't handle being in the heart of Boston). However, I don't find the Tufts campus boring since there's almost always something happening that's worth going to, whether it be intramural sports, or an acapella concert from the Bubs that are to die for. I'm happy with the availability of things to do in general, though as always, there's room for improvement. Around this time of year the culture festivals are going on - my favorite. Organizations all put on a show or an exhibit to encourage diversity while providing entertainment that one probably wouldn't find if these events didn't exist. If you get a chance during April Open House (assuming that performances extend till then), I recommend seeing the Indian Bhangra or Garba if you get a chance - those dances are amazing. I never get tired of watching those.</p>


<p>that's amazing!</p>

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Anyway, it's really good.</p>

<p>Hey, I was just wondering how Tufts rates as far as the BioSciences go - research opportunities, facilities, prof's, etc?....</p>

<p>Biology is one of the strongest majors at Tufts, but also one of the most difficult. Everyone comes in as a bio major. Not very many people leave as a bio major lol. But, my friends that are in it say that it's intense, but they learn a lot. The research opportunities are fairly plentiful, as long as you end up emailing a professor, you usually can find something constructive to do. The facilities are mediocre though, Tufts hasn't expanded its biology department in a while physically, but they've done so by collecting a strong faculty together. The professors really are quite amazing. I'm a biopsych major, and I'm currently taking the second introductory biology course, but sadly enough, I think I'm doing better in organic chemistry than I am in biology (though the organic chemistry here is insane too).</p>

<p>Hey, thanks for the info snuffles. What exactly is biopsychology about? I'm interested in neuroscience (which apparently isn't a major at Tufts), so would biopsych. be the next best thing?</p>

<p>Also, how does Tufts rate for biosciences against, say, Macalester/Denison/Carleton (those are the other colleges I applied to,...)</p>


<p>Yes, neuroscience falls under the biopsychology and biology major (both majors have the option of taking the neurobiology courses as a specialty of study). Biopsychology studies more of the neurological and chemical effects on behavior than psychology, which deals more of the abstract theory. The biosciences for Tufts are probably comparable to Carleton, but are better than Macalester and Denison.</p>

<p>Hey snuffles,</p>

<p>I was also good is the electrical engineering course at tufts?</p>

<p>From what I hear, the normal staple engineering concentrations (mech, electrical) are very sturdy and well taught. Perhaps Aries could shed some more light since I'm not an engineer (she graduated with a dual bachelors in LA and engineering).</p>