To all Carolina students, past and present


<p>YouTube</a> - UNC Clef Hangers - Carolina In My Mind (Commencement)</p>

<p>I was at Commencement this year and this was so beautiful that I had to post it when I found it online. We are truly a part of something special here! :)</p>

<p>Cuse0507 - was this from this year - or last year? the video says 2009. Is this something they do every year? Terrific voices!</p>

<p>This was last year's commencement, but I believe they do it at every spring commencement.</p>

<p>Every commencement....</p>

<p>For those who don't know, James Taylor's dad was once the head of the UNC Med School and the student health center is named after him as well.</p>

<p>"He's Not Here" also traces it name heritage to JT.....</p>

<p>the student health center shares a name with James Taylor, but isn't actually named after him, it's named after another James Taylor.</p>

<p>Love this video - I have a friend from high school whose in the Clef Hangers now. :)</p>

<p>My mistake....I was told that by someone whose info I trusted.....:)</p>

<p>Isaac</a> M. Taylor - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia</p>