To all my CC Athletic Forum friends

<p>Merry Christmas, Happy Hannakuh, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus! There, I hope I covered all the bases!!! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season. Enjoy your time with your kids and family, I know it goes by quickly!</p>

<p>Thanks fishymom - same to you! It is nice to have them back under the roof, even if it's for a short time</p>

<p>It makes us realize what is important and what is fluff...I am thankful for this community over the past year plus as my D was, with her parents in tow, traversing the recruiting minefield.<br>
The one thing I have learned, is that if any non-athlete family calls getting recruited the easy back door to admissions, I'd laugh at them. To have to worry about whether the Ad Com will like her academics and the coach will like her athletics has been more of a feat than we had anticipated. For those families for whom the wait is over--congrats and fingers crossed for the rest-- I hope 2012 brings good news...what is certain is that wherever they end up, how wonderful the collegiate experience they have is largely in their hands--and in those rare occasions where it is not-- there is always transfer applications!</p>

<p>Thanks fishymom. I hope you and all the CC athletic forum folks enjoy your time with family and friends. It certainly is different having my son home from college eating 5 meals a day, working out & yoga, and playing his guitar like he is in a dorm. My office is right below his room.....not happy about that. I like Jimi Hendrix, but not while I'm on a conference call.</p>

<p>PS.....I' will be looking forward to Festivus this year, and the airing of grievances! ;-)</p>

<p>It's nice to have them home, but the shoes, the clothes, the dishes, and the pounding of the weight machine at 1 am....
Happy Merry!</p>

<p>Thank you to everyone for their GREAT advice, insights and voices of experience!!</p>

<p>I am navigating this on my own and really appreciate everything i have learned here. </p>

<p>Wish me luck next year as I am a female LW rower who has the grades/scores for Ivies, but knows how tiny the chances really are after all is said and done. Congrats to your kids and enjoy your breaks together!! I will be studying for Jan SATs during mine (and rowing everyday, as I happily do year round!).</p>

<li>oops, i forgot to say I am a junior :)</li>

<p>Fishymom, thanks for the lovely post! So nice to have an oasis of peace on the ever-dramatic CC site! I want to add my appreciation for each of you who so generously give your wise counsel to me and especially to the young athletes who come here with questions. I'm so proud of the way the CC Athletic Recruit posters treat each query: with dignity, care and humor. Thanks for keeping this place a safe, accurate and welcoming resource.<br>
And yes, I'm enjoying having my two college girls home, but wow, the kitchen mess, the late nights, the laundry.....</p>