To all the anxious seniors waiting to see your application status

<p>You really need to understand this: Your life is not over if you dont get into UF, i can assure you. it's not a wonderful magic solution that makes your life perfect, nor is any college. your college experience, anywhere you go, depends about 90 percent on how you are, not how your college is. You know this, but will ignore it and expect college happiness to present itself to you. it wont. if you are naturally a very content person, you'll be content anywhere you go. if you are intelligent, somewhat obsessive and feel that failure in any way is competely unacceptable like many pre-college senior-age frequenters of this site, your personality or outlook probably wont change once you get to college. the good news is that if you have those traits, you're likely to be at a high intelligence level, and you really just have great odds of ending up on the high end of the income scale. its true. Seriously, if you hit 700 in any section of the SAT....
CHILL THE **** OUT, YOUR LIFE WILL BE FINE. You might be unhappy, because most highly intelligent people are, but you'll have wealth and status so who cares</p>

<p>and you probably got into UF. seriously, all they care about is SAT scores (and perhaps course difficulty).</p>

<p>and also, fun fact: if you beat 650 on multiple sections of the SAT, experts say you have the capacity to excell at basically any college. and if you didnt beat 650, you can learn to become more intellectually capable over time (yes...that is the actual reason for college, its not just a funnel into high paying careers and marriage prospects)</p>

<p>To everyone who gets in, you are lucky because UF is SO ****ING EASY....i have class two days a week, i study for 3 hours a week at most, and it is glorious i tell you, GLORIOUS. </p>

<p>If you dont get in, dont sweat it, people get rejected for completely arbitrary reasons. the majority of people who applied will be rejected, so do not take it as a measure of worth. </p>

<p>I also just have to mention...the only things that will ever matter for your education is learning critical thinking skills. seriously, nothing else matters. learn to think critically. if you succeed at this, grades dont matter</p>

<p>I needed that this morning! Thank you!!</p>

<p>really? that helped you? i think i kind of lost my point and went off on some tangents...the real point i meant to get across is that this decision of when you got into UF does not matter 1/50th as much as you all feel like it does. i know, because i did this last year, and i was so nervous i almost vomited. but looking back, its unbelievably clear that the college you go to doesnt really matter, its how you approach college, and your friendships with people, and the rest is just your mind tricking you into thinking this is life or death for your social life. </p>

<p>A note: to people who want to go to UF because they think their friends will go there....i know this seems like a reason to want to die if you dont get in, but its not. you can still see your friends who go to different schools every single break, and stay really close friends. plus theres the internet, of course. the truth is you probably wont see the people you went to high school with that much in'll meet new people. anywhere you go.</p>

<p>there is only one reason to feel sad that you dont get into UF, and it only applies if you're male. </p>


<p>quietriot, incorrect. please see these links.</p>

<p>FSU: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>UF: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>your pretty girls are a rarity, man.</p>

<p>Wow! you showed 2 pictures! that proves it i guess...moron</p>

<p>Well. As it gets harder to get into UF, the hotness of girls lowers. :P</p>

<p>quietriot, please note the difference between generalizing and caring. i cbf'd to argue with you.</p>