To all the "what are my chances" posts:

<p>I know that most of us who applied EA are now sitting around with little to do but twiddle our thumbs, half-heartedly work on other regular apps, and stress. Some people release this via chances posts.</p>

<p>For those of us doing RD, the stress is just starting to kick in (or reemerge, as the case may be). And, surprise surprise, chances posts again come into play.</p>

<p>I'll fully admit that I did one a while ago (a year? more? ish?), and am mildly ashamed of it. But quite honestly, guys, few people around here will be able to help you/us much in terms of chances, and as seniors it's not like we can change much anyways.</p>

<p>The two links below are the official decision threads from last year. Curious as to how people with your stats faired? Check them out. They're probably more reliable than the "Stats Profiles" thing CC has, just because I suspect a lot of people forget to update theirs after decisions come in.</p>

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<p>Hope this helps you guys. Go Engineers!</p>

<p>yes, i realized the worthlessness as well. the few adult/college members on here who actually know what they are talking about in admissions do not post on chance forums. tokenadult and northstarmom come to mind. There were two kids in my county last year who got into MIT. They had little to no ECs, no significant awards, average MIT ACTs: 32,33, and they had top 5% GPAs. If they were to post a chance forum everyone would say no way, not with no awards/ECs. But they were the only ones who got in, they both were extremely nerdy looking, but they looked genuine nonetheless, which i presume is why they got in. Much more worthy than those who feel that a bunch of stats can replace originality in an applicant. I was happy for them, especially because that is just not something that happens in my county.</p>

<p>I don't ever comment on chances posts, unless there's an obvious factual question that I can answer.</p>

I am ashamed to say that I did put up one of those chance things
I have tried to delete it but, alas, I cannot
i will probably regret posting this too
ohh well</p>

<p>You know.... This thread is in itself rather pointless. The 'chances' threads are going to keep coming and this discussion has almost nothing to aid anyone with MIT or college admission. </p>

<p>But yes, I rarely even look at chances threads. To be honest they are depressing to me. I won't get into why because it really is a very irrational emotional response. </p>

<p>I would like to see a 'read my essay' thread. Now that might accomplish something. Of course it would be a terrible and potentially disastrous idea so the conclusion is unchanged.</p>

<p>I comment on chance threads, but as some of you may have realized, I don't actually provide chances. :) I say "Overall, your application looks [pretty decent/excellent/uncompetitive/reasonably solid]. [list of things which are good]. [list of things which are bad]. [optional wanking section on the bad advice given by previous commenters]. [optional section on how the applicant's presumptions are wrong]. But remember that MIT admissions is always a crap shoot!"</p>

<p>To be honest, I wasn't expecting this to change anything. I really just wanted people to know that the decision threads are still around from last year and those would give them a better idea of who gets in and who doesn't.</p>