To any student that has applied to Carnegie Mellon in the past few years:

<p>If you applied to this school, what did you feel you would get out of this program that would make you marketable in the future (aside from the great reputation)? Many schools seem to offer singing, acting, and dancing – so what made this school stand out for you?</p>

<p>CMU has a great reputation and a great network of grads. And in this business it's who you know a lot of the time. CMU is serious about all of its students learning the craft too, which is great. Since CMU only takes a few people, they can give personalized one on one attention to all of the kids.</p>

<p>When I first visited CMU I had no information and did not know what to expect (I applied for acting this year) because I had heard that they had a good musical theater program but didn't actually know that they were known for acting too. So the thing that drew me wasn't the reputation, it was what I learned about the strength and INTENSITY of the training, the individualized attention, and the emphasis on classical drama (which I love most), the environment within a larger university setting. I like that it's selective because you know the students are going to be extremely motivated and focused...this sets it apart from a lot of other programs. The city of Pittsburgh also seemed like a much less hectic place to be learning acting than NYC (where I'm from and where I've trained before) or other cities. I also saw a play the students did while I was visited (The Oresteia) and I LOVED was exactly what I wanted to be doing and some of the actors were UNBELIEVEABLE. It's great that both acting and musical theater students are in the same plays because both get an extremely strong acting base...that's important for both!! If you haven't visited the school yet, I would recommend it, because it's hard to explain how a school just FITS or doesn't unless you see it...because it was definitely my experience there that made it stand out for me.</p>