To any student that has applied to CCM in the past few years:

<p>Other than people saying this is a “top tier” school, what were the pros and cons of this school for you? What did you feel you would get out of this program that would make you marketable in the future? Many schools seem to offer singing, acting, and dancing – so what made this school stand out for you?</p>

<p>Well, me personally.</p>

<p>I just auditioned because it had a nothing application. It was at the bottom of my list of schools because I didn't like the City, Bubba's Obession for looks/telling you what you NEED to be instead of working with the real you.</p>

<p>Pros: Great training if you follow it, small class sizes, a solid singing and acting with more basic dance.</p>

<p>racmom - my D loved the school on paper (curriculum, faculty reputation, facilities, and the emphasis on equal balance between acting/singing/dancing); then we visited the campus and she felt that it was not the right fit for her after all. What prompted that? Quite frankly I have no clue how to actually put it in words, other than it felt too quiet, cold and isolated to her, and that no one seemed particularly happy. I do know that when she received her rejection letter, it was as if she had received random marketing material, as it mattered little, and confirmed that they did not see her as the right fit either.</p>

<p>At times, it is very, very difficult to put your finger on "what exactly feels right", but I have found that I learned a lot about the differences (and where she feels at home and thinks she can thrive) between my D and I in the process :D.</p>

<p>Hello. I'm writing on my mother's account. I am currently a freshman at CCM in the Musical Theatre program and i wanted to give some info coming from someone who is experiencing the program.<br>
I absolutely love it at CCM and i couldn't have been happier with my decision or if i ended up somewhere else.<br>
I am getting an extremely well rounded training in acting, singing, and dance -- and the program works each individual to integrate the three together. Becuase there is no singing or dancing without acting and vis a vers. We get many oppurtunities to practice our craft -- from auditioning for shows immediately as a freshman to constantly performing for our classmates. Which i personally love -- i feel that you can learn so much from those around you.<br>
Regarding working as the real you -- the training is about brining yourself into your work and NOT being someone else, about performing from an honest place! -- and about finding who you are which is something that many individuals struggle with for the rest of their lives. Even so, one must remember that this business is largely based on looks and how one wants to market themselves -- it is a business, and one must find their type and what works best for them. </p>

<p>I feel that this is a great place to be -- and that it prepares you for a business that can be difficult but so so rewarding.</p>

<p>D visited last April and auditioned this year. She loves the campus and the program. The current Freshman were very friendly. They made her feel very welcome when she sat in on classes. CCM is her 1st choice.</p>