To any student that has applied to Syracuse in the past few years:

<p>If you applied to this school, what did you feel you would get out of this program that would make you marketable in the future? Many schools seem to offer singing, acting, and dancing – so what made this school stand out for you?</p>

<p>Things have really slowed down on this thread, and already I'm feeling sad that the season is almost over! I'm going to miss reading about everyone's auditions and acceptances. I've enjoyed my correspondence with those of you who have been accepted to Syracuse. I hope you will all stay in touch. Likewise, to those who will be receiving letters in the near future, please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.</p>

<p>Racmom: I spoke with my D about your question. She is a sophomore in the MT program at Syracuse. When she was auditioning and visiting schools, her first impression of SU was of a very welcoming and warm staff. That has proved to be true. The MT program focuses most intensively on acting, although it also has a reputation as a strong dance school. Most importantly, she has found the teachers to be most nurturing and helpful, both in and out of class. She has formed close relationships with them, and frequently makes use of their office hours to get guidance and advice. Also, because students don't perform during their freshman year, they tend to form very strong and enduring friendships; as a result, although competition for roles is intense, it isn't nasty or agressive. We are very happy with this program, and feel it has been a very beneficial one.</p>

<p>Racmom: I see that I missed the "marketable" part of your question. That's a little harder to answer, since we're not there yet. I do know that Syracuse students in general have a good rep among the summer stock theaters; most students who auditioned this year have been offered roles at various theaters. And I do have numerous friends in the business -- agents and performers -- who tell me that there are quite a few Syracuse grads working regularly in NYC and elsewhere.</p>

<p>Onstage - thanks for both of your replies. Your insights are good to read. We're trying to figure this whole thing out. We want our D. to have a great college experience as it is a wonderful time to mature in a safe environment. That said, we would like her to eventually become self supporting. Thanks again for your thoughts.</p>