To avoid burnout...

<p>What order should I take these subject tests?</p>

<p>I'm taking US History, Math II, and Literature.</p>


<p>I am taking the Math 2 and then US just because Math 2 seems to require more concentration/thinking + the timing, for me at least is harder than the US since I usually finish early with US since it is just fact recall and time isn't really a factor...</p>

<p>On other note, this is my first time taking subject tests so I was wondering how does the process go? Do you just receive a huge booklet of tests and you rip out the ones that your taking? How do you determine which one to take first?</p>

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<p>thats what im doing</p>

<p>Take Math 2 last because it's the easiest by far. I'd say take US history first, not sure how hard/easy Lit is though.</p>

<p>Really? For me I'd like to get the easier one out of the way first. I'm taking math 2 and physics, and I plan on doing the math 2 first to boost my morale for physics lol</p>

<p>Math because you have to think about how to solve a problem. Whereas in U.S and Lit you just recall from memory or refer back to the passages. So even if your brain is really tired after Math, you can still just make educated guesses for the other 2 instead of actually using problem thinking skills (which uses more brain power).</p>