To continue (or not) with Latin; and other schedule advice needed (please)

I’m interested in majoring in something along the lines of urban planning or geography. At the moment, I’m a junior currently planning out my senior year schedule.

I’m focused on schools with acceptance rates anywhere from 20% (reaches) to 70% (likely/safety).

I’m looking at these AP classes for next year (I’m choosing three out of the bunch):
AP Lit
AP Gov
AP (Macro) Econ
AP Stats
AP Env. Sci.
AP Bio
AP Latin
AP Psych
AP Music Theory

I have taken APUSH and AP Human Geo.
My math skills are weak, but I am working on them.
My Latin skills are weak, and while I do love Latin culture, I don’t always look forward to Latin class everyday (I am in Latin III currently). I love the social and life sciences, and I have lead multiple environmental protection projects. I also am an intern in my town’s GIS and land use department.

Which of these classes should I take? Should I continue onto Latin IV, even if I really don’t enjoy it (and have a weak foundation)?


It’s very difficult to give scheduling advice without knowing the bigger picture of what you’ve taken and what your non AP courses will be senior year.

The basics - you need 4 years of your foundational courses - math, science, english, history, and FL. For your major, you may be able to get away with 3 years of Latin instead of 4 but you will need four years of everything else.

Of the courses you listed, I would say AP bio over env. sci. AP Stats if that’s the only math course you will have, and AP lit or Gov assuming you can take an honors version of the class you don’t take AP.

Focus on your core classes, not electives.


Thanks. Here is the rest of my schedule for senior year-
-Pre Calc and/or AP Stats
-Physics and/or AP Bio and/or AP Env. Sci
-Hon. Wind Ensemble (this is the highest level of ensemble in my high school- we have played at Carnegie Hall- and I have played an instrument for years). Or AP Music Theory.
-English OR AP Lit
-1/2 Econ and/or AP Econ
-1/2 Gov and/or AP Gov
-And then of course, there is AP Latin and AP Psych

For my high school, I have to take the 4 years of math (I could choose between Pre-Calc and AP Stats…but would that be a stupid idea? I might be able to take both), along with 4 years of a science (Physics would be my fourth…but I could switch it with AP Bio…or I could do both). I also have to take a half semester of Econ, and a half semester of Gov, but I also have the option to bump up one (or both) of those classes to the AP level. I have to take a 4th year of English, and I enjoy English, so I figure I should take AP Lit. My high school only requires 1 year of language (and I’ll have at least three).

The argument for taking AP Latin is that if my math is a bit weak, I could show strength in my humanities. However, I actually find math interesting, even if I’m not stellar at it.

I have a total of 7 classes I can fill.

Historically, I have done well in my social studies/science classes, and I have also done well in the humanities, along with a decent track record in the natural sciences (I’m a bit weak in chemistry, but I’ve done well in the biological sciences and the earth sciences). Foreign language, like mathematics, is a weak spot. Not hopeless of course, but weak.

I would talk with your school guidance counselor for their input. They will know what is typical for your school and have way better advice.

That said, here is my $.02:

Pre-calc over AP stats. I had incorrectly assumed you had already taken pre-calc and the options were calc or stats.

AP lit for sure since you enjoy english.

Have you taken any physics yet? Usually schools want to see a class in bio, chem and physics. If you haven’t had physics yet, take regular physics over AP bio. If you have taken physics, then my vote is AP bio.

Wind Ensemble over AP music theory.

Are AP Gov and AP econ 1/2 a semester each or a full year? If they are 1/2 a year, can you take both at the AP level? If they are stretched out over the full year, I vote for AP Gov but take what you enjoy most.

When you say “weak” in Latin, what are we talking about? Cs/Ds weak? If we are talking B+/A-s, I’d seriously consider taking the 4th year of Latin and then just doing regular gov/econ.


Thanks, I’ll make sure to take Pre-Calc.

I have not taken physics yet. I will take that next year.

So far, my schedule now looks like this:
-AP Lit
-Hon. Wind Ensemble

I have three spots left.

Honors Econ and Honors Gov are 1/2 semester each. I could take both at the honors level, then have a full two spots. I could take one AP, and one not AP, or, I could take both- the latter two options would leave one period left.

My Latin grades have gone from an 86 freshman year, to an 89 last year, to a 96 this year. So not awful. But not great…

So, assuming two spots are taken up by either AP Gov and Hon. Econ or AP Gov + AP Econ, I’ll have one spot left. AP Latin vs. Stats vs. AP Bio vs. a free period.

I might have an opportunity to take a class at my local CC, so that may be an option also.

Those are great grades for latin

I’d add latin 4 to your schedule.

Then take whatever you pref in terms of Econ/Gov .

-AP Lit
-Hon. Wind Ensemble

I’d add Honors Econ/Gov, APES due to your majors of interest, and Latin4.

I can’t weigh in on which classes to take, but AP Latin is a huge commitment. I have a DD who excels in Latin, and she finds AP Latin to be challenging. She loves Latin so in her case she welcomes the challenge. Just something to think about.