TO Current student/parent of/when to visit swarthmore

<p>We are thinking of visiting the day before thanksgiving since classes are in session (or maybe the Sat. before thanksgiving). Does anyone with kids at Swat have an opinion on which day would be better? I am wondering if classes will really be in session on that Wed. and if more kids will be around on the weekend rather than that Wed. We have a tight schedule and those days work well. Also, any thoughts on sitting in on classes? Value of it, which classes etc. Thanks.</p>

<p>Are you talking about a day visit or an overnight? If it's an overnight, the Tuesday night would be preferable to the Friday night.</p>

<p>Schedule-wise, you would have to attend a morning class on that Wednesday because the campus will be clearing out pretty quickly by noon. </p>

<p>The Saturday visit would probably be better in the afternoon because college campuses are like ghost towns on Saturday mornings! If you visit on a Saturday, you would not be able to attend any classes, but you could probably go to a sports event in the afternoon.</p>

<p>Find out when campus tours and info sessions are being given. Try to put yourself on campus at a time when you can see (and talk to) current students.</p>

<p>Visiting a class is good if concerns about the academic intensity are part of your decision-making matrix. I think my D was reassured by the class she attended in the fall. She felt that she would fit in just fine. But, honestly, she learned more about the school by hanging out in the dorm overnight with some students, touring the science labs, etc.</p>