To DECA or not to DECA

<p>that is the question....</p>

<p>ok but seriously, i am interested in business, however, DECA isn't an honors class and you can't be in DECA without being in the class. this will severely lower my W GPA and rank. what should I do?</p>

<p>At our school DECA is a club, not a class, anybody can do it. My opinion is that you should do what you are interested in, no matter what it does to your GPA or rank. Colleges that you apply to will see that you are doing DECA and know where your interestes lie.</p>

<p>I wish it was a class at my school...</p>

<p>It's a class at my school...only problem is the competitions that you have to go to are flippin' expensive.</p>

<p>ughhh i don't know what to do. I don't want to take the class becuase it is extremely boring apparently, and isn't an honors class. However, I wanna go to the competitions.</p>

<p>yeah its a club at my school too. The state competition is insanely fun, regionals are alright, nationals are fun if you're friends make it too.</p>

<p>deca is AMAZING.</p>

<p>I care about deca even more than academics.</p>

<p>Personally, my involvment in DECA has make me stronger, savvy and more socially intelignent than any of my AP classes. I think that it sound pretentious to only choose classes that make u look good, try doing something u love for a change because u will be successful in it and that will look even better</p>

<p>at my school, DECA is a cult. But those crazy kids love it, so more power too them.</p>

<p>I say take it.</p>

<p>is it worth the lower rank to take DECA?</p>

<p>im really interested in business, but im also really competitive.</p>

<p>I thought thought that in order to be in DECA, you also had to be enrolled in a business class. I don't know how it works in my school, but on the website, it says you have to be enrolled in a class. Is that just the kind of thing where they say it but nobody abides by it?</p>

<p>Yeah, in my school, in order to be in DECA the club and go to competition, you have to be enrolled in the class, which sucks because I really don't have room in my schedule for it.</p>

<p>I think you should do DECA. I applied and interviewed to be a part of DECA, but I was rejected. :-(</p>