to declare or not to declare (major)

<p>So I'm gonna be applying to UCD this fall and I'm wondering if it's better to declare the major I want (managerial econ or econ as 2nd choice), or just apply undeclared. Will it hurt my chances if I apply under managerial econ? I know it's impacted, so is it more likely I'll get in if I apply undeclared? And if I apply undeclared will it be really hard to get into the managerial econ major?</p>

<p>For any of the colleges or majors at any UC or CSU campus... if the major is impacted... it's harder to move up (get in). With-in a "College"... you can always move laterally with-in the college... and can even move down to a non-impacted college... but once you do, it's very difficult to get back into a impacted "College" at the school. </p>

<p>Better to declare, if you can.</p>