To Do List?

My DD applied to IU earlier this month. She checked her to do list on the Portal yesterday to check the status, and the only thing listed is sign up for direct deposit. The other schools she applied to all had items listed and had the status of when received (transcript, app, LOR, SAT scores, etc), but IU is blank except for the direct deposit. Is this what it is supposed to say? Thanks!

where do you see that? this is what I see on the application status page:

Thank you for submitting your application materials; your application is complete. Please consult our Deadlines page at to see when you should receive a response.

On the IU Office of Admissions website -
“To find your To Do List
Go to To Do List in One.IU and click “Start.”
Log in using your IU username and passphrase to see your To Do list.”

@Clover2018 thanks so much was able to find that and to do list says no to do’s.