To go or not go to Goucher?

I was recently accepted to Goucher with a merit award of 21k per year.
However, this was just a school I applied to on a whim and I don’t know much about the campus vibe. Could any one shed some light?
For example, are there any fun events Goucher puts on? Any things that really suck? What is the party scene actually like (I mean, I do want to have that as part of my college experience :wink: )? What do kids do for fun at Goucher?

Also, is it worth it to visit Goucher?

I would certainly recommend visiting campus. I was leaning towards another school before I visited Goucher, but I really liked when I saw when I came here, and I wound up choosing Goucher.

Goucher certainly does have a lot of events. The school itself will put on a few concerts and have interesting speakers come throughout the year. There are also an incredible amount of clubs that do fun things all the time. The Ultimate Frisbee club, for instance, is very popular here, and members go to tournaments around the country to compete. There is a club for just about everything you can imagine, and Student Government has a lot of money in its budget, so you can always start a club if you wish.

That said, I’ll be frank: the party scene at Goucher isn’t really that big. As somebody told me when I visited as a prospective student, “This is a place you come to go to SCHOOL.” We don’t have any frats, we have an entire dorm building set aside for substance-free students, and we’re a very small school. “Parties,” in my experience, are limited to casually drinking beer or wine in dorm rooms with your friends. For me, and for many others, that’s fine. But a lot of Freshman come here expecting to live out some kind of Animal House fantasy, and they’re disappointed.

The upshot is this: Goucher is a really good school, and I’m happy I chose to come here. The academics at Goucher are terrific. I heard that some newspaper recently wrote that we’re “An A school for B students,” which is pretty apt. There are lots of really cool people here, and it’s relatively easy to make friends and have fun. Baltimore is only 20 minutes away, after all. But if you’re looking for a big, rah-rah party school, Goucher is probably not for you. Again, I’d recommend visiting.