To Lighten the Mood: What Clothing/Accessory Brands are Popular at Your Prep School?

Yep. My kid asked for Doc Martens for Christmas. Most expensive item of clothing the kid owns.

Watched the video of my kid’s school’s fall fashion show (outdoors, amphitheater), and all the kids wore “practical” footwear - weather appropriate and comfortable, even when modelling gowns.

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Can’t speak to girls clothes, or really even boys generally. But my kid couldn’t care less about clothes. He wears glorified pajamas- comfy sweats and hoodies. The only name brand thing is his Vans. He has two pairs of shoes: his ratty every day Vans and his special occasion Vans. I made him bring a pair of actual dress shoes, but I doubt he ever wears them.

This year is extra weird since they have had no reason to dress up. Normally the students have to wear nice clothes once a week. He has one go to pair of pants and shirt and jacket - and no, they don’t get laundered. He figures he only wears them for a couple of hours per week, so they never get dirty :grimacing::roll_eyes:. I don’t think he is unusual in that philosophy.

I don’t doubt there are kids who care about brands and fashion and hygiene, but there are plenty who don’t.

Eta: I just read my post above that says he wears jeans. He does still have that one (!) pair of jeans, and when he’s feeling the need to take it up a notch, they come out of hiding. Much like with his mom, the pandemic dropped his standards down - I live in glorified pajamas too!

One of both my BS kids’ favorite stores!!

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My daughter found an old (as in from when my husband was in high school) down hoodie style jacket that I wore when I was pregnant with her and declared it her favorite coat ever and why had I kept it from her for so long. She went to a HADES school as well.


yes and they are all over the place, kind of like rabbits they multiply

and half of them are black and the same brand so kids are always taking the wrong one

Do Taft boys have to wear a blazer though?

Both my kids schools were/are much more roll out of bed.

Also, yes, there are going to be a couple kids at almost every school with $1000 coats. That isn’t the norm at most schools, even if you notice those kids more.

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My daughter would LOVE a buy by the pound store! I am glad we don’t have one nearby, or she would be dragging me there. Her favorite place to find clothes is Goodwill - Sorry, but at ours, I feel dirty when I leave.

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Goodwill, Red, White and Blue, all the second hand stores were very popular weekend destinations for kids at DS’ school. Especially before dances!

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bumping this with a new question! What places have kids gone to to get clothes that fit formal dress code? ex: khaki pants, skirts, blazers, ties, shirts, etc?

Dress code clothes can be found at LL Bean, Lands End, Target, Macy’s online. There is a school uniform link on the website for Lands End - it’s a good place to find blazers, slacks, shirts, shoes…also check out their outlet/sale page. You do not need to spend a fortune.

Dresses for girls: Princess Polly and Lucy In The Sky websites have affordable dresses/skirts that seem to be in fashion on campus.


LOL, my kid just wants more sweatpants. The dresscode has been totally ignored during Covid. It was pajama “like” before now it is full on pajama.

LOL that’s funny

It will be a shock next year when things start to go back to normal - for the kids and their clothing I mean.


Non-jean/legging/sweatpants dress codes- what kind of pants do girls wear? We have been to several stores and my daughter doesn’t even want to try any on. We have bought a few skirts but when we see chinos she says “I don’t want work pants” or slacks “they’re too fancy” she just want s “normal” pants. At a loss as to what “normal” pants are and what is “cool” or where to find it.

Many “uniform” schools adjust their dress code during winter term. You can check on this with your school. At Deerfield, there is no uniform but there is a dress code. Girls are allowed to wear pants all year, but during Winter term - it is relaxed dress with leggings or sweat pants often paired with a big sweater, fleece jacket, etc. Most girls wear skirts or dresses to school and formal sit down during Fall/Spring terms.

My 2 cents: Buy as few items as necessary for your girls before they start their respective school. Your DD will figure out the “scene” or “vibe” quickly once they are there. Don’t waste $$ on a lot of clothes until they have actually been on campus and have seen what the other girls are wearing (especially if this is your first journey into the boarding school world). The girls share clothes with each other - so don’t worry if your kiddo doesn’t seem to have enough at first. Also, the girls tend to order clothes online. They figure it out.

Save yourself a headache along with the $$ and wait a week after being on campus to make wardrobe choices. :nerd_face:

Our dress code is “no jeans no leggings”. In reality this means that non “blue-jeans” are fine as long as they aren’t ripped. So anything like black jeans, any color, totally fine. And the leggings rule isn’t enforced because it’s dumb.

So my number one piece of advice is before you buy anything at all speak to a student from the school who can tell you what the dress code really is.

Unless you’re taking about Deerfield where it’s really a thing…

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I know it’s enforced at Hill. Dress Code is probably even more strict than Deerfield. No sweats during winter term.

This is what I’ve heard from current students.

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Forgot to mention…there are boys I see wearing shorts and flip flops all year long…even when cold …like they never seem to be bothered by the snow and cold. I think there have been less than 5 days my kiddo has actually worn that big down parka I bought In 9th grade.

Other popular accessories skate board, penny board, scooter :golf:

Omg! The scooter/skate board craze with the accompanying all school emails about either lost scooters/skate boards or reminding kids not to leave them in the walkways! So funny.

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