To Lighten the Mood: What Clothing/Accessory Brands are Popular at Your Prep School?

Brands? What are those? Thank doG for boys. This reminds me of a comment I made last summer on the Sinner’s Alley thread:


For us non jeans was jeans in every other color out there with no frays/rips.

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I am not 100% sure, but I think at our school shorts are not allowed during winter term (Thanksgiving to Spring Break).

Some girls in the dorm came into my daughter’s room and shamed her on clothing. She wears banana republic, Lauren and Gap. I guess not good enough

This makes me mad and sad. :disappointed: Mean girls suck.

virtual hugs to your DD. Hopefully she will quickly find her way to the friends who care about what really matters. They are there, I promise!


Sending more hugs to you and your DD!

There are many insecure girls (and also moms) out there coming to BS with $$ clothing. I think social media has made the flaunting even worse. Hoping your DD gets support and perhaps finds a way to make faculty aware of the cultural problem on the campus.

I’m trying to make you laugh now….so, here goes…kiddo wears golf shoes when icy at school….works better than snow boots! Doesn’t care about how it looks :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: but laughs with others about it.

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On a more serious note, I am hoping that your student feels comfortable enough to report this type of behavior to the dorm resident, advisor and/or student life director. Shaming and exclusion are types of bullying. I am sure the HOS would be interested to know about the negativity, shaming, classism, and excluding behaviors that are influencing the school culture.

I believe social media is fueling some of this behavior. Unfortunately, your DD’s experience similar to ones I have heard from other BS parents, as well as from my own student. This experience is important for your DD’s school to know about. I encourage you both to speak out….even if your DD decides not to stay, please share your story with the school. Also, I encourage you to share insights about the school to those applying and/or at Revisit time.

Virtual hugs to you both :pray:

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I am sorry to hear this! This has been a fear of mine, but so far I have not heard anything. My kiddo wears similar, with TJ Maxx, Target, Aero, H and M and thrift stores thrown in. We were both a bit put off by a student social media page that features “cool” outfits spotted on campus where kids (boys even) are wearing $600 shoes. :flushed:.

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Golden Goose, Ramy Brook, Lululemon, Love Shack Fancy
My daughter makes fun of them but I think she secretly wants some. She does have some Lululemon tho.

Ugh. I hate hearing this! It brings back so many awful memories, and not just from my teenage years!

I remember being so blown away when DS’ prom date told me with pride that she’d put together her outfit for under $50. Apparently, that was a “thing” so nobody would feel ashamed of what they were wearing. She told me, very practically, “I’m only wearing this for a few hours!” This struck me as the ultimate in cool. This reminds me why!


You mean social media posts about clothing at BS?

I will leave the comments up to you.

Golden Goose, a knock off of Vintage Havana that has been around since the ‘50’s, for ten times the price, and they come pre-dirty!

It will be a cold day in hell before I spend $400 on a hoodie for me. So I’m certainly not spending that on my kid. I’ll give them $10 to get a hoodie from goodwill and they can make an art class project out of it.


This reminds me of that Lucy episode set in Paris. Lucy wants designer duds, but Ricky holds the purse strings. She and Ethel somehow end up wearing potato sacks….and it becomes the “rage”.


This reminds me of that Lucy episode set in Paris. Lucy wants designer duds, but Ricky holds the purse strings. She and Ethel somehow end up into wearing potato sacks….and it becomes the “rage”.

Who’s Lucy?

The hen in my avatar.

She looks good in a dress. :smiley:

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