To minor or not?

<p>I’m planning to major in Computer engineering at Davis. Many people are telling me to minor in something useful as well. Is this a good idea? I mean, I’ve heard that it already takes lots of time and hardwork to graduate with a degree in CE, so would minoring in something be like waaay too much work?
Then again, any suggestions for a useful minor to go with CE?</p>

<p>Maybe electrical or mechanical engineering, either of these two fields supplement computer engineering very well in my opinion.</p>

<p>I would major in CE and use my elective to take classes I think I would enjoy whether it be an engineering class or a music class. I assume the reason you are majoring in CE is because you like the discipline and you think it is a useful degree.</p>

<p>@geo1113 Yeah that’s what I thought too. Maybe studio art or a language. But everyone’s like what’s the point of minoring in something that won’t complement your major. </p>

<p>Chima, there are times when I think it is a good idea to minor in a complementary subject. For example, I think it makes sense for an econ major to minor in math or stat. One of my sons like to write and is a journalism major but he is minoring in IT because he recognizes how much the Internet play a role in that field. Also, there are fewer required course for that major and minor combined than you have for a computer engineering degree. </p>

<p>And the point in minoring is something you like is that you like it. </p>