To old to start Bio major?

<p>I just went back to college two years ago and recently graduated from Community College this past summer. I want to continue my education and I plan on doing that by transferring to a university in the Spring 2015 semester. My plans are to major in biology and to go to graduate school to focus my studies on Zoology. My question though pertains to my age. I'm currently 32 years old and I'm a mother. I understand that biology is a very complex subject and requires a lot of focus and dedication to the field. I have both but am I to old to begin biology as a major? I'm coming straight out of community college so I will begin as a junior majoring in biology at the undergraduate level. Will my age play a factor in pursing jobs and learning the material fast enough? Has anybody here started out late as a biology major? I know 32 years old isn't old but is it old in college terms as far as majoring in something such as biology? </p>

<p>You will be 40 when you receive your Ph.D. You will be 40 regardless of whether or not you pursue a degree. If you work until 75 (not unlikely), that’s a 35 year career. You might as well be doing what you love. I think you would be amazed at how many older students are out there. The star of “wonder years” is now at UCLA working on her BS in computer science, and she is 48. Be happy and follow your own path. Don’t worry about the others!</p>

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<p>You’re very fortunate that your credits earned at the junior college will count toward your 4-year degree. While most classes from junior college/community college do transfer to 4-year institutions, finding a university who will count those courses toward your actual major can be difficult.</p>