To Physics Buffs

<p>Can anyone explain what 'moment of inertia' is in refrence to rotational motion.</p>

<p>This may or may not qualify as homework help..</p>

<p>Anyway, memorize these analogies (super dumbed down, but it works) between linear stuff and rotational stuff:</p>

<p>FORCE is to linear what TORQUE is to rotational.
MASS is to linear what INERTIA is to rotational.
ACCELERATION is to linear what ANGULAR ACCELERATION is to rotational.</p>

<p>So, F=ma, so what does torque equal? I * alpha!</p>

<p>Basically, moment of inertia is a state of whatever you're working with that corresponds to the system's masses and layout relative to the rotational axis.</p>

<p>Countless thanks my friend.</p>