to quit or not to quit

<p>im faced with a tough decision right now regarding my high school sport. i injured my knee pretty badly last season playing bball and i really love bball but my doctor thinks its for my best that i dont play my senior year because it would rush the healing process. i know colleges would see that i stopped playing but is there any way in the application process that i could explain what happened and why it happened?</p>

<p>What college do you believe would look so unfavorably at your playing against medical advice that would value your EC of basketball so highly? Very very few colleges extant care a lick about ECs or your sports dedication. If you aren't a viable candidate for those tippy top schools that look at that sort of thing, why risk injury?</p>

<p>As I said, very very few (the tippy top) colleges even consider extra-curriculars. Are you viable for those and is that a dream of yours? If not, then drop BBall. Like yesterday.</p>

<p>Yes, there is an area for you to explain. Please don't play, doctors are pretty smart people :p</p>