To Send or Not to Send SAT scores

<p>My D's stats/ECs/fit put her at the top of the applicant pool for admission to her top-choice school, so we're confident about admission.</p>

<p>The big thing we're hoping for is 3/4 to full tuition merit aid. Their requirements (standardaized-test-wise) for that merit scholarship are either ACT 33 or higher or SAT 2180 or higher.</p>

<p>She exceeds that with ACT 34. However, she misses the SAT by 10 points (she got 2170).</p>

<p>She meets/exceeds all other requirements for the top scholarship (except superior interview with scholarship committtee, which we won't know about until next school year, but she usually interviews very well and is passionate about this school).</p>

<p>My question: should we even send the SAT scores to the school at all? (I know we'll send them to NMSC so she'll be named NMSF. She exceeds that cutoff by 6 points in our state.)</p>

<p>She certainly does not need SATs considered for admission since her ACT, GPA, etc. are so strong, and I'm wondering, even though you only need to hit their mark on ACT (she does) OR SAT...if it would somehow weaken her chances if they see she didn't quite hit the mark on both tests.</p>

<p>Any thoughts?</p>

<p>I would not send the SAT score. One of my D’s was not invited to interview for a full tuition scholarship at a school she applied to. She exceeded the ACT requirement by 2 points, was at a higher class rank than was required, and her GPA was way higher than needed. Her SAT was 10 points low. She did not get offered an interview. The school would not confirm that the SAT score was the reason. However, her sister a few years earlier, had been offered an interview with a lower ACT and a SAT score that was equivalent to her ACT. GPA was very similar (A+). As both had similar EC’s and leadership, I could only conclude that the low SAT score stuck out like a sore thumb.</p>

<p>Hoosiermom, thanks! It seems like my D is in almost exactly the position your D2 was, and this is what concerns me.</p>

<p>Probably better to show them all the super-high stuff and not send the SAT (which, like your D’s is just 10 pts below the top scholarship cutoff. They both probably missed 1 question!</p>

<p>I appreciate your advice, based on such similar experience.</p>