To skip Math 151 (Calc 1), or not to skip.

<p>That is the question.
Uhm.. I'm currently taking AP Calc as a Senior, and I'm fairly confident I'll get at least a 4 on the AP Exam. I was looking through the curriculum for general engineering, and I found that they don't do "calc 1", they do "calc 1... for engineering". That second part scared me, and I don't know whether I should retake calc 1 even if I get a 4 or a 5 on the exam, or if I should skip to calc 2. Has anyone gone through this case? Did you jump to calc 2 and do fine, or did you stay in calc 1 and hated every minute of it because you knew everything?<br>
Tips would be appreciated, thanks! :)</p>

<p>My friend’s son took Calc 1 although he could have skipped it. He found it easy and got an A, but he wanted to use it as a grade buffer for later.</p>

<p>Skip it, its one less course you’ll have to take in an already overpacked engineering curriculum. Hit the ground running</p>

<p>Just so you know, if you are taking the AP test as a senior, you still have to take the placement test and get placed into Calculus before you can decide whether or not you want to use the credit. </p>

<p>As for your question, I doubt Calc for Engineers would be seriously harder than regular Calc. It depends on if, like rualum said, you want to get a probably-easy-A, or if you want to just finish the curriculum, like needsmorsleep said.</p>

<p>I have a lot of friends who skipped Calc 151 and went straight to 152. The ones that worked really hard did okay in calc 2, but a couple others withdrew because they probably weren’t as prepared. If you pass the AP exam and promise yourself to keep a strong work ethic for calc, I would say skip 151. But if you still feel unprepared, it might be safe to take 151.</p>