To submit or to not submit test score?

For test optional schools or any school that accepts test scores, are you hurt more if you do not submit an SAT score at all or are you hurt even more if you submit a score that is below the midpoint of the 25th and 75th percentile?

This is recent thread No. 345 (or so) on the same subject - but usually the original posters were a little more generous with the information - what scores, to what colleges, for what majors, etc. Otherwise, it’s so abstract.
If you prefer to keep it very general, I can say that most CC regulars seem to agree: scores below the midpoint are not helpful.

Under what specific circumstances would you submit a score like this?

Personally I would keep it simple. If my score was above the median I would submit it. If it were below the median I would not. Right on the median, I would probably still submit it but it probably would not make much difference either way.

For some schools, in some instances, a URM might submit a score below the median score. But depends on their GPA, rigor, HS, overall strength of app.

Ask yourself, does this score strengthen my app, or not? If not, why send it?

Each applicant’s situation is unique, so there are no blanket answers, or rules of thumb. Things will be more clear in six months!

I agree with this.

Thank you everyone for your the help!

It’s so unfortunate we are in this situation. Looking at ranges of scores in a pre-COVID world as students apply in a COVID-world. Tests taken in a COVID-world, in a mask, after waiting on line outside, after a temp check, after prepping and then canceled, prepping and then canceled.

It’s like let’s take this new orange and compare it to this old apple. UGHHHH