To Take out a Loan?

<p>Only take out a loan if you absolutely have to. As a matter fact, even it seems it is your only choice, consider all possible options from work-study to off-campus jobs to outside scholarships, and to future potential scholarships you may qualify to receive as you get deeper into your program of study. At least that way you can also better decide if you can reduce the loan offer amount. Most importantly, don't let family members or anyone make you think you need to take out/pressure you to take out a loan if you don't need to. Know your own values, and if the loan route is not the way you want to go, that's fine. It may be tougher, but make your own financial decisions.</p>

<p>Great advice! I work in financial aid & wish more students would feel this way.</p>

<p>I never took a work-study when going to college. That's something i regret doing. It's fun, you meet a lot more people, you network on campus and you get to earn money! It's a win-win situation.</p>