To take the AP Tests or Not?

I wasn’t sure which forum this best fit. My DD22 is taking AP Bio and AP Psych this year. Both seem to be going fine (virtually) but I don’t think they have the same rigor as I expected. They are a “pretty easy A” DD will sometimes review the AP classroom materials for a unit and say “we don’t go over any of this.”

If earning college credit is not a concern, and she’d have to self prep a ton to remotely have a chance at a 4, is it worth taking the exams? She plans to major in nursing and will need both of these courses early on and the refresher would be good to have.

Does it look poorly to AOs to have AP classes and no test scores?

Thanks for your thoughts!

If she’s a senior, no big deal. If she’s not a senior, she should take the exam. If she does poorly, she does not have to report, since AP scores are self-reported.

As an aside, blaming the teacher or the platform is not an acceptable excuse. Most AP courses, like most college courses, require prep outside the classroom. College professors are not going to spoon-feed material.

Even if she scores a 5, she is not obligated to accept the credit. She can re-take the class(es) in college if she feels the AP course did not prepare her for higher level courses. But cross that bridge later.

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