to the 3000+ deferrees, what do you think went wrong? any possible changes to ur app?

<p>i personally think that my standardized test scores and class rank weren't up to standards, hence the deferral. i'm going to devote my winter break to bring up my SAT II math score and start studying for Spanish II since i only have 2 sat iis.. i might also send in a piano recording.. not 100% sure though..</p>

<p>what about everyone else? let's remain optimistic and have a deferral action plan! =)</p>

<p>deferred...but I honestly have no idea what went wrong with my part of the application, so I'm guessing it was probably the teacher recommendations. And I'm already done with school so I don't really know what I can do to beef up my application.
<em>fingers crossed</em></p>

<p>You have my best wishes though! :D</p>

<p>is it true that it's necessary to explain EC activities that aren't self-explanatory on a separate sheet of paper/resume???
if so, then i'm screwed...</p>

<p>What went wrong is that every single person from my school that got accepted was a legacy.</p>

<p>My SAT scores most definitely.</p>

<p>can anyone confirm razzle's statement? do we need to explain ECs that are not so obvious? if we do...i better do that now. because thats the reason (well, probably just one of the several reasons) i got deferred.</p>

<p>in any case, it is always better that you do, for obvious reasons like if you explain it they may understand it better and thus be more impressed?</p>

<p>Yes - but be succinct and highlight what is most important. I know DD just filled in the common app and didn't offer a resume. When she was deferred she wrote a letter in February and attached a brief (1 page) update and info.</p>

<p>Hang in there and good luck!</p>

<p>My extra-curriculars are probably lacking and my SAT I (2,310) is probably average by international standards. Everything else is pretty much in order.</p>

<p>Razzle, I did so in the "Writing Samples" section.
Uploaded a document with a chart listing and explaining ALL of my extracurrics, and also explaining my dreadful medical history in full.</p>

<p>that was really stupid of me then...
thanks, screwitlah & worknprogress!
and kwu, i remembered to mention my mother's illness and transcript problems due to transfer, but didn't explain any activties...</p>

<p>here they are w/o explanation:</p>

<p>1)Spanish Club -VP
2)Young Democrats
3)Ted e. Bear Hollow Volunteer
4)Big Sisters/Little Sisters-Team Leader
5)Recruitment Team
6)Servants of Mary Adopt-A-Nun

<p>w/ explanation</p>

<p>1) same
2)Young Democrats-Campaigned for Jim Esch for Congress in and out of his office in 2006
3)Ted e. Bear Hollow Volunteer- We do different activities with grieving children, who have lost loved ones in their lives.
4)Big Sisters/Little Sisters-Team Leader- Each person is assigned to an incoming freshman, with whom we do different activities to welcome them to the school
5)Recruitment Team-open house tour guide
6)Servants of Mary Adopt- A-Nun - Each participant is assigned to a Nun and we go to the convent to chat, play, or help her. It's interesting to learn about their lives , esp because I'm not Catholic, but Muslim
7) same</p>

<p>i think this is pretty much a basic sketch...any feedback?</p>

<p>I face the same problem as ec's weren't explained at all.</p>

<p>I gave my primary teacher rec. to someone who's obviously going through the WORST EVER menopause mood swings I've ever seen. (or worse, going psycho) realized too late...</p>

<p>@ boeing767: your SAT score was unbelievably high by international standards..I am confident that this is not the reason why you got deferred..I had a 2180 but got in, so I am confident that this is not the reason..</p>

<p>in my case it was a mix of low SATs, poor sophomore transcript and lame essays...:P</p>

<p>I think it's best if you explained your EC's, even if they are self-explanatory. You might have done really cool projects for say, Big Brothers and Sisters, beyond what would normally be expected of the activity. And Yale would love to know about them! Good luck.</p>

<p>debate_addict: the international pool is actualyl quite heterogenous - the competition varies from country to country, considering the number and strength of all the applicants from each country.</p>

<p>p.s. i don't mean any offence to your country, congrats to you getting in! but my country is crazy competitive, as i'm sure boeing would agree... i'd love to know the stats of singaporean admits.</p>

<p>screwitlah, they only accepted 3 from greece as a whole, and competing applicants had 800s in their SATs...i was informed by interviewed applicants (who were informed by alumni) that - for instance - a 690 in writing is unbelievable for internationals..and it is exactly the same with singapore - only 3 there as well got accepted...the standards are similar - if not the same - in all countries, and when i heard from (international) kids who got interviewed that their interviewed talked about their stats as internationals, not as specific to their i hate to break it to you, but it's not as you value, you should know that in many cases there's a limit to the people Yale admits from a country - as is the case with my country, which makes the competition even more fierce when you know that they're only going to accept four or five out of the entire applicant pool..for internationals, and i'll quote my school's US Studies counselor here, who is very into things and is very well informed, SATs are the last thing schools look at..</p>

<p>no offence meant there, sorry about that.</p>

<p>by the way, where did you get the country breakdown from?</p>

<p>at the accepted students' site you can get the number of accepted applicants from each country, and the city they are from..and in some cases, you can get their names..</p>

<p>also, a 2300+ as an SAT score is even uncommon amongst US applicants, so i would think that Yale begins rejecting and deferring based on extracurriculars and so on..i happen to (barely) know one of the three singapore ppl who got in, but she is very well rounded in the extracurricular sector from what I've seen..</p>