To the less lucky ones - What do your rejection letters say?

<p>I was rejected by Davidson College. My rejection letter says:</p>

<p>*The Davidson College community is complimented that you have applied for admission to the Class of 2014. Almost 4,100 candidates were competing for a place in our first-year class of 490 students. As a small college that can accommodate only a small number of the many applicants who qualify academically, we regret that your application for admission was not approved. </p>

<p>Our Committee’s evaluation was based on your academic record including the academic rigor of your courses, your grades, your essays, recommendations, leadership in school and community activities, test scores, and all other information received. In the majority of cases, the differences between those accepted and those not accepted were small and involved greater overall strength on the part of those accepted, rather than weakness in some particular area on the part of those not accepted. Because our decisions are based on the evaluation of each completed application, we do not attempt to give specific reasons for our decisions in letters of notification. </p>

<p>The quality of this year’s applicant pool was again exceptional, and our decisions were reached only after thoughtful deliberation. We realize the appraisal of academic and personal promise is far from an exact science. Undoubtedly, time will reveal some mistaken judgments on our part. If tradition repeats itself, some of our students will not live up to our expectations and some not admitted will be extraordinarily successful elsewhere. As a committee, we have done our best to judge fairly and we announce our decision with humility. Your interest in Davidson College is appreciated. We wish you great success as you pursue your educational goals.

<p>I think this letter is very well written. Is the rejection letter identical for every rejected applicant?</p>

<p>And to the less lucky ones regarding Davidson - good luck elsewhere!</p>

<p>What does this silence mean? Nobody here's rejected like I am? I'm the only rejectee to have the nerve to hang around here?</p>

<p>Hi Allan, Thanks for posting that; it is a great rejection letter. I'm sorry you didn't get into Davidson, but I think the letter says it all.....good applicants don't always get in especially to small schools. What other colleges are you interested in?</p>

<p>I'm interested in a bunch of other LACs and a few universities. I've been admitted to Tulane University and UC Berkeley.</p>

<p>Great choices so far.....and good luck!</p>

<p>Berkeley is awesome! Over Christmas break, my family and I went to the Bay area and toured Berkeley (my sister's a high school junior). It was awesome! If I could do it all over, Berkeley would have been on my list. Congratulations! It's really hard to get into Berkeley! Good job!</p>

<p>Tulane is also an excellent school! Congrats to you on this acceptance as well, and good luck with your other colleges.</p>

<p>Sorry Davidson was a no-go, but don't worry! That means there's probably a place out there that's a better match for you! :)</p>

<p>Thank you Ammie.</p>


<p>(BTW this is extremely random and may come off a little creepy)</p>

<p>I saw one of your posts where you spoke highly of Rosetta Stone. I would have replied there but the thread died almost a year ago. </p>

<p>I took french in high school and now I am starting to lose it. I may study abroad in Paris and am looking for ways to reinvigorate my French. Would you recommend using Rosetta Stone French? I just want to be certain before spending that much money on a program. </p>


<p>I have Rosetta Stone in several languages (including French) and I LOVE it. You have to have some patience, as with any program, but it's very well organized, it actually gets you speaking, and it breaks down the sounds so your accent is bound to improve. After using the Italian program through Level 3, I went to Rome for a summer and had a very easy time communicating. I had only intensely studied with Rosetta Stone for a semester, but many people I encountered figured I'd been studying for years.</p>

<p>Spanish Rosetta Stone got me a 5 on the AP exam. The next highest grade in my class was a 3. The other 12 in the class failed.</p>

<p>I would definitely recommend it, yes.</p>