To the new admits

<p>Congratulations and welcome to the Cal family! The long journey ahead is difficult and full of tribulations. Expectations are high but you will rise to meet them. You will see, hear, learn and experience many new things that you never knew was out there. For some, Cal is not very challenging, but for many it is. Take it easy your first semester. There are more things to do at here than one can describe. Do not be tempted to do too much in the first semester. Stay focus and keep on your eyes on the prize: graduation. </p>

<p>When you finish, your world view and your thoughts about it will be vastly different. People too will view you differently. After all, you are a Berkeley graduate and doors and opportunities will open for you. The Cal alumni are here to support you guys. Good luck and once again, congratulations.</p>

<p>Do not underestimate Cal. Don't sign up for 18 units and think you're gonna kick a$$ your first semester.</p>

<p>^seconding, 18 is too much. 18 units is something you only do if you have to; sadly I have to do it again in fall. 15-16 units is a good load; it is more or less the standard load.</p>

<p>I have a question-</p>

<p>is 18 units 8 courses?
how many course is 1 unit?
I'm confused about that.</p>

<p>most classes are 3-4 units each. So the average 15-16 unit workload is about 4-5 classes.</p>

<p>Wow, 4-5 classes per semester?
Can I take it slow and just take 3-4 classes, or should I not do that since it looks like I'm slacking off?</p>

Can I take it slow and just take 3-4 classes, or should I not do that since it looks like I'm slacking off?

Take it slow! You don't have to take so many classes at once. I'm taking 7 classes, but I started off with 4 my first year. Don't overwhelm yourself!</p>

<p>I forgot to mention that I'm in CoE, where you are forced to graduate in 4 years or less. In order to do that, one must average around 15 units/semester just to keep pace.</p>

<p>Of course, if you have AP credit you have more leeway with planning your course load.</p>

<p>7 classes?</p>

<p>Just how do you do that?! o_____O</p>

<p>7 * 3 or 4= 21-28 units... I didn't even know it's even possible to take that many units!!

<p>i just want to emphasize along with everyone else that taking a light load your first semester is a very good idea. dont stress about completing requirements and thinking you'll be behind and all that. for example, it is perfectly fine to take chem1a during the spring. it's good to do well your first semester transitioning in and learning your study habits before taking heavier loads.</p>

<p>^I just have a general inquiry on a subject somewhat implied in the last post (when you mentioned to take chem spring semester, implying it was a challenging core class): why do so many people think chemistry is extremely difficult? I personally never understood this. I have taken two chem courses and it's relatively basic (compared to physics) and not a lot of memorization (compared to biology). Almost everyone at my HS complains about chemistry, but I breezed through it. I know this is very off topic, but can someone answer my question to A)fulfill my curiosity and B)help me learn something about what kind of learner I am.</p>

<p>Cal chem is slightly different... </p>

<p>These Pre-med kids all did well in Chem in high school... So imagine a classful of people just like you and only so many can get As... Then factor in the fact that you guys are probably taking classes like Math 1A and who knows what else to get into Med school.</p>

<p>I'm not a Science major. I'm seriously scared of those classes.</p>

<p>I got a 5 on AP Chem and AP Calc BC... Go figure...</p>

<p>I love chem, bio, math... which was why I [as a humanities person] took them, but Cal is just too intense... :S</p>

<p>imo, chem1a is a joke. They screwball so much during class and then get you with the midterms/finals. Would've had an A if they didn't throw that curveball for the final.</p>

<p>Nitsche, who teaches Chem 1A, in spring is great. The only problem was that I hate chem. I loved his teaching, but hated the subject.</p>

<p>ugh.. don't take chem in the fall. worst choice of my life! lol, no but really - they made it really stressful, especially when the final had nothing to do with the rest of the course! i'm guessing nitsche is a better teacher anyway..</p>

<p>stressful? the midterms were a bit difficult at first (particularly the tricky m-c), but got easier. but yeah, like i said, the final was just so surprising. the lecture itself really is bad. basically was forced to go only because of iclicker points. grr</p>

<p>If i'm a chem major at the college of chem, what would you guys suggest be my first semester course load?</p>

<p>CoC has a pretty much a set 4 year schedule. </p>

<p>go here
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>check out page 28 and there's your 4 year schedule planned :)</p>

<p>haha that's cool. thanks. is that a difficult load to take on?</p>

<p>Not easy for sure.</p>