To those accepted out-of-state...

<p>I was not expecting this, but I was excepted out of state into UCSD's BioE program. I want to talk to any other students who were accepted out of state and know the next procedures and whether or not we actually have to show up in person to UCSD since I can't afford to travel there before this summer. Any input from students who are currently enrolled after bring accepted out of state would be much appreciated as well—and of course any info about the BioE major would be cool too. Just send me a pm with some contact info. Thanks!</p>

<p>Are you talking about the visit day? I was accepted out of state as well, but I'm almost 100% sure that the visit day is not mandatory, its just offered if one would like to attend.</p>

<p>Only orientation is mandatory.</p>

<p>...and if orientation might pose a financial burden, there's also an orientation session immediately before the start of classes fall quarter. that way your orientation trip is pretty much your move-out-west trip :)</p>

yeah, that's how it was for me. i was in warren and their orientation was right before the rest of the campus moved in.</p>

<p>I'm out-of-state too, so I'm going to favorite this thread :)</p>

<p>Oh, by the way, did you guys get good financial aid? I seriously got $441. So it's going to be $44,183 or something a year. Pretty much what I expected but I was hoping for just a little more help.</p>

<p>really didn't expect to be admitted after what i heard about UCs and oos admittance rates. but newayzz Congrats everyone .i got accepted into the cog sci program! so ya the financial aid..they barely give any:/ but is it true that after the first year we get to pay in-state fees</p>

<p>I got about 20k financial aid, but that's cuz my family filed bankruptcy last year after an unsuccessful business attempt. To us, we still have to pay about 26k a year, which is still a very large amount. But I am planning on becoming independent this summer so once I've been lived in CA for a year, I guess I become an in-state student and thus paying only in-state tuition?
Anyways, good luck guys on being accepted to UCSD. I guess it's not a bad idea to apply to as much scholarships as you can. (that's what I did by the way, but it seems like they don't grant me the scholarship since they haven't notified me for 2 months now!)</p>

<p>My s got in BioE as OOS too.
We are very excited for his UCSD acceptance but are wondering how can he become an instate student after the first year. need to do some research..</p>

<p>where is everyone from</p>

<p>rappasani- Boston, MA</p>

<p>Much harder to obtain in-state status than before. The most difficult part is the student has to show he/she is financially independent (and at least for one year from becoming a CA resident). Here's the details.</p>

<p>UC</a> Berkeley Registrar : Legal Residence Information</p>

<p>Really? I thought you'd only have to pay 40k for being out of state the first year then after you've been living in CA for a year as a dependent child (probably will working and pay taxes if needed), then you'll become a CA resident? Meh.. if I have to pay 40k for college each year just because I am out of state, that would sucks :(.</p>

<p>Nope, these are the old, old rules. According to the new rules, you either have to get married or</p>

you are a single undergraduate student who was not claimed as an income tax deduction by your parents or any other individual for the two tax years immediately preceding the term for which you are requesting resident classification, and you can demonstrate self-sufficiency for those years and the current year.


<p>... and all this is why i'm refusing to give up my CA residency even though i'm going to be living in NY for the next 6 years. seriously! that state is so picky!</p>