To those applying ED w/ 1300s SAT scores

<p>What did you get on the SAT II?</p>

<p>us history:740, writing: 680, Biology:640</p>

<p>Thanks a lot. Anybody else?!?</p>

<p>Your strategy of finding out what others got on the side with their helping of 1300s SATs seems to be flawed. I cad deduce that you have also gotten 1300s Sscores and want to see what chances you have to get into Columbia through ED by comparing your SAT II scores with others in a similar bracket. This seems to me to show much anxiety on your part in your college application process. As long as you believe in your own candidacy's legitimacy, you should not seek shallow reasurance from others' misfortunes. And, if you decide to persist in your selfish undertaking, you could at least provide your own SAT II scores to level the playing field and allow some others to get cheap pleasure out of beating you.</p>

haha, owned.</p>

<p>I got a 1360 on the SAT (took it only once but I hope to take it again) and 800m, 800w, and 770ush.</p>

<p>Please, excuse me, wazzup87, for not explaining myself. My purposes of this post were to see how many people are worried about their SAT II tests and to help those, namely freakish, whom I should meet as we are in the same situation, to calm down. Want to make something of it? My scores were 690 Writing, 660 Math IIC, and 600 Biology M. Do I have any worry as to my chances of admission based on these three trivial pieces of information? No. I made friends with an admissions officer, whose name I shall keep to myself. He explained to me that SAT II tests weren't as important as other factors. Your analysis of my motives is interesting, although incorrect.</p>

<p>Chumboy, could you elaborate on why the SAT II pieces of information are not as important? What would be the most important deciding factors?</p>

<p>Sure. I was explicitly told that it was the overall package that is presented to them from a single applicant as opposed to scores that they are mainly focused on. He said that if they were more concerned about scores, they would have a class of "pure nerds." While I begged to differ, as I see all of us nerds who use this website on a regular basis, I got the impression from this statement that they really do mean it when they say they do not have a cutoff score for each test. This is not to say scores are considered. As for important factors, he said your grades in high school (okay, duh), your teacher recommendations, and your essay play large roles in the decision making process. Perhaps they use the last two as ways of evaluating students without numbers, so to speak. Also, he made an allusion to the "why columbia" part of the app, and how it was important as well. Hope this helps.</p>

<p>thanks, that does help! I am so lacking in the TOP grades and sat scores department. hopefully my ECs will pull some stuff up. The extent of my extra-curriculars is GREAT, but i don't know how it comes out on paper...hard to explain. I don't think i'm extraordinary..I think on paper I measure up the same to everyone else, even lower because of my low grades.</p>

<p>My cousin had Cs on his transcript and got in. And, no, he didn't invent anything.</p>

<p>What is a C in the US (percentage wise). (I don't live in the US!) was it SEAS or non. haha you are helpful, what a chum! oh that was a pun, yes it was.</p>

<p>lol. C is 70-79%.</p>

<p>wow .....i have 1 C and 4 B's and rest A's on my record....1300 i have a chance for Columbia or UC berkeley?</p>

<p>You expect me to evaluate your chances knowing just that? Why not give it a shot? Nothing is really going against you from what I've heard.</p>

<p>Chumboy, what you said is the most relieving thing in the world for me. But anyway, I read somewhere else that an adcom told someone that as long as your SAT scores are in range, then they don't look at them again (this may have been you....) But do they mean as a whole or seperately? Because I am in the 50% range (1370), but have a low verbal (630) which isn't in their range. Would they just overlook this? (Only taken once so far, Jan 04)</p>

<p>Oh yeah...I haven't gotten my SAT II scores back yet, although I don't think they're so great, but I'm not ED anyway.</p>

<p>Hopefully ED will help me out! beacuse I have low SAT II scores and I'm not even 50% (well last year, their 50% was lower...darn it). I'm taking my I's again in November, hopefully I can raise to 1400.</p>

<p>Thanks chumboy, lol, for slightly relieving my worries. But it was kind of more complex for me because I did do well on the SAT, esp. the verbal section, and I dont want it to look off.</p>

<p>1330, 740,710,550</p>

<p>When you guys say that columbia just cares about scores being "in range," are you referring to the middle 50 percent of the class of 2008 or the middle 50 percent of all the applications they receive this year from us seniors?</p>