To those that are mailing Yale app

<p>Are you just filling in the supplement online and then printing it out? On the Yale website it says to do that for the common app but then it says to download the supplement and print it out (I'm assuming that means fill it out by hand). Just making sure it would be ok type it.</p>

<p>The website also says to write whether you are applying early or regular on the envelope. Where on the envelope are you going to put it?</p>


<p>I did the Common App on the computer and then printed it out. I did the Yale Supplement by hand (couldn't get it to work to be typed on for my computer.) I wrote Early Action on the bottom left hand of my envelopes, similar to the position it is on the envelope they proved with applications.</p>

<p>What kind of envelope did you use? Would it be alright to send it in one of those US Postal Service mailers? My dad wants me to do this so then I can confirm it online.</p>

<p>That would probably be fine. I just used a large manila envelope and put 4 stamps on it :).</p>

<p>I'm using the one they sent with their bulletin. We can send it all together in the envelope they gave us, right? I am so paranoid! I dont want my application to be folded!</p>

<p>i think what matters most is that you send the app and supl. together... write scea or regular on the outside of the envelopes... i think the only purpose of that is in sorting....</p>