to those who applied for Bioengineering...

<p>to those who applied for BioE, which BioE major did you pick? Just BioE? BioE:Biotech, BioE:Bioinfo, or BioE: premed?</p>

<p>after looking through the courses for all majors, BioE:Biotech looks like the one with the most interesting courses, unless I'm missing something</p>

<p>I'm in BioE: Biotech</p>

<p>BioE: premed, because i want to use this course as a stepping stone to med school afterwards.
except i actually got into Pre-Bioengineering: Pre-Med. does anyone know if there's a difference between that and regular bioengineering?</p>

<p>im in like just bioengineering</p>

<p>I know a fair number of people who entered BE:PM for those "it'll help me with med school" reasons, but transferred out to basic-science majors (of the chem/bio flavor). The reasoning for this is that they eventually realize BE is not a walk in the park and IS a hardcore engineering department that's nationally-ranked for a very good reason. The percentages of med students found in the biology-major population is MUCH higher than those of the BEs.</p>

<p>Personally, I think the major has an extremely misleading title just for this reason. It must keep wondering why its dropout rate is so high ...</p>

<p>Monkey, my daughter also applied for and got preBeng/Premed. We read on the website when she was applying that admission to Beng/Premed will occur at the end of Freshman year if the required courses are completed with a 3.0 minimum average. Admission can be delayed until the 6th quarter if requirements have not been met by the end of freshman year.</p>

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<p>i got into revelle with Pre-Bioengineering: Pre-Med</p>


<p>discrepancy between the 4?</p>

<p>does anyone want to explain the major differences between just BioE and BioE:BioTech?</p>

<p>To me, BioE sounds like its about BioE as a whole, and you gain a broad sense of it, nothing too specific.
Whereas BioE:BioTech sounds like doing a specific part of BioE</p>

<p>Both sounds just as fun though, but can someone clarify both of them and add their opinions to these two?</p>

<p>Probably impossible to switch now if i decide i want to do just BioE instead BioE:Biotech</p>