to those who dorm at linfield! a simple question has been asked.

<p>of what thickness are the walls in the dorms in which you are/havebeen living? </p>

<p>i have thunken of the degree in which (as i hear my roommate mummble at 4:14 am) sound reverberates through the hallowed walls of the different linfield dorms. </p>

<p>if i were to play an instrument at a middle degree of loudness would i disturb the other patrons of the hallowed dorms? be honest now!</p>

<p>do i expect an answer? no. do i demand one? no. but i do hope you realize the extremely important nature of this ever present issue.</p>

<p>doesn't Linfield have practice rooms for music? I would think that anyone playing an instrument in the dorm in the middle of the night could be heard since they aren't sound proofed but if you are proficient maybe no one will mind the mid night serenade.</p>