To those who have done it, whats the best SAT prep?

<p>What is the best thing to study for the SAT's?</p>

<p>My recommendation for improving verbal by more than 100 pts:
*memorize Kaplan's 2000+list
*get used to the CR format</p>

<p>i liked PR a lot.</p>

<p>FOr me, it was definitely working by yourself on a saturday morning. I took SAT classes and didn't learn too much. It was simple review that you learned in say, Kaplan's SAT books in Books a million. Just study hard.</p>

<li>Give yourself time, about 2 months in advance if you can.</li>
<li>Get Barron's How to Prepare for the SAT I.</li>
<li>Memorize all 3500 words if you can, but especially the high-frequency ones.</li>
<li>For maths, just practise A LOT. Get used to thinking fast on the quant. comps</li>
<li>Slow down a week before the test. And my best advice: get 10h of sleep the night before...don't study...just watch a movie or something.</li>

<p>To improve in verbal, I read A LOT. The newspaper, books, good magazines... I also took practice tests in 10 Reals. In Kaplan's SAT 1600, they outline a good way to read passages. I don't think memorizing word lists helps. When reading, just look up a word you don't know, and it will help just as much and be more enjoyable.</p>

<p>i increased by 200 points from may by reading through cracking the SAT... didnt memorize words nor read ever.. I am pretty lazy and actually proud i finished a complete book. from 1260 to 1460 from may to october</p>

<p>I've never done this, but I imagine speed reading is very helpful. Just practice reading informative articles in magazines very fast, and coming out with all the info.</p>

<p>For math, just work on your weak spots.</p>

<p>I took a Princeton Review course and I think it helped. Increased my score only 100 points, but the techniques they teach were helpful and I eventually increased 100 more.</p>