to wannabe yalies


<p>i'm one of the lucky ones chosen to attend yale this fall. sure, I'm ecstatically happy; I'm pretty much in love with yale, in fact. the other yale prefrosh I've met have been incredibly unique and awesome, and I can't wait to meet them.</p>

<p>but, however, they're not any more unique or awesome than the students at many of yale's peer schools (except maybe harvard... harvard is lame :)). several of my friends that did not make it into yale are incredible, too - they're just as intelligent, insightful, funny, athletic, talented, and determined as those I've met in yale 2015. and they're off to other top schools, too, knowing that they'll have really great educations there.</p>

<p>I just wanted to say, hey, there's no one perfect school for you. (I know it's cliche, but it's totally true). and I wanted to say what I wish someone had told me all those years ago.</p>

<p>after the bluntness of ivy day, there's a period of stillness and silence when people stop stressing out about college; because decisions are finally out. (then there's some more stress about where to go, but whatever).</p>

<p>honestly, that time immediately after I heard from my other schools - those were some of the best days I've had in the past few years. finally, the college application process was over. but more than that, I was happy. relaxed. ordinary; a real teenager. I started reconnecting with some of my old friends, friends that I had let slip away because I only had time for school and preparing to apply to college. I started acting and thinking like a teenager; having fun; being normal, for once.</p>

<p>and I did some thinking then - and I'm thinking now as I reflect back on my high school years to write my val speech - and honestly, I'm realizing that all the time and energy I poured into college admissions just wasn't worth it. I could be just as happy and just as successful at another school; and I could surely love another school just as much as I love yale in time.</p>

<p>so my advice to you all - work hard in school; take challenging classes. most days, come home and do your homework. but don't let school prevent you from being a teenager, from having fun, and from figuring yourself out - because that's what your high school years are for. don't let school consume your weekends; always try to go out and have fun every week. once in a while, blow off homework, and do something absolutely crazy.</p>

<p>and certainly, DON'T come home and go on CC (in fact, GET OFF THIS FORUM NOW because it WILL cause unhealthy stress). DON'T spend weekend nights researching your dream colleges years before you apply. DON'T waste thousands of hours studying for the SAT. DON'T invest your time doing activities you're not passionate about to pad your resume. DON'T work on your essays months before they're do. to do any of these things, that's to waste the precious time you have to fully experience high school. relax about college; you'll be happy wherever you go.</p>

<p>chill out and be a teenager; at least, I certainly wish I had.</p>

<p>~ 2015 yalie</p>

<p>Guilty of committing all the don'ts.
Oh darn.</p>