TOEFL instead of SAT?

I took the sat with essay three times, the problem is, I can,t improve my english (my math score is nearly perfect). I considered taking the toefl to show my english level additionally to two sat subject tests (physics-math2). I just want to see if I could have the full list of US colleges that accept the toefll and two subject tests instead of the SAT. (I already know that MIT does.)
thank you.

AFAIK, noi such list exists. You would need to check with each of your target colleges, although MIT is in the slim minority that allows TOEFL+2 Subject Tests.

That list is simple: MIT.
You COULD email each of the test flexible colleges to ask whether you could submit those three tests instead of three subject tests.
Be aware that MIT is overrun with “math2 + physics 800” applicants so you’d only submit that to indicate you can do the work and your application would have to stand out for its achievements.