Toefl score lower than minimum

Hey I am from Poland . I am just applying to Earlham college and I got scores from my Toefl : it’s 73 ( however this school says that minimum is 80 ) . I cant repeat it .Do u guys think that is there any chance to get to this college despite this score ?
I think that I have very good essays,profile etc
Thank u for answering

No, even 76 or 77 won’t cut it.

If the minimum is 80, that is the minimum. Sorry.

So u saying that there is no chance to get there…

Their recommended score is 92. I don’t think a 72 will get you in. TOEFL is extremely important. They need to make sure you are able to handle being taught in English.

If you’re full pay you should find colleges that have ‘bridge’ programs (St Michael’s, Drew have one).

But what about essays ? They also say that this is really important for them

Even the best essays will not waive the TOEFL requirement.

Okay its sad , i really had hopes but now

Are you applying for fall 2018, I don’t know if you’re past the deadline, but in anyway, even one point away from the minimum required isn’t okay when applying to schools.