Tolbert Hall UF

What is tolbert hall like? How is the location?

It has been a few years since I’ve been a student at UF (graduated 2014), so I’m going off of memory.

Tolbert Hall is close to Gator Corner Dining (one of the locations you can use a meal plan at, or pay with cash for all you can eat meals). For students with a meal plan, this location is extremely convenient! It is also across the street from the ODome, a 2-3 minute wall from the stadium, 2-3 minute wall from the Reitz Student Union (which was recently renovated, and is absolutely amazing - alot happens here on campus!)

I would imagine there are single, doubles, triples, and quads in Tolbert. These will be your traditional style residence hall, with dorm rooms that have community style restrooms (2 restrooms on the floor with multiple showers shared by 40+).

I’d say it is a good location to live in overall. It is close to the Physics building if that’s going to be a course you’re taking. It is maybe a 10 minute walk, or 3 minute bus ride from where most other classes are held on UF’s campus.