Told myself I would do this...chances at some cali schools

<p>Lemme know whatcha think</p>


<p>Eth: 1/2 Korean 1/2 Caucasian
Sex: Male
State: Washington
Grade: Senior
Major: Probably mathematics, maybe biology (want to go into medicine)
School: competitive I think, don’t really know how to judge it though </p>

<p>Freshman </p>

3.75(ish just from memory)</p>


<p>Total 3.861 w/o senior year grades…around 3.875 counting them UW don’t know weighted</p>

<p>Took a full schedule of 6 classes in every semester except first semester of senior year, only 5
senior year schedule
AP stat
IB calc

senior experience
adv photography</p>


<p>School doesn't rank</p>

<p>Weighted classes
Honors biology
3rd year Spanish
IB calc
AP statistics</p>


<p>SAT: reading: 600 math 660 writing 520..superscore would be writing at 560
ACT: 26, 31 math 24 reading 21 writing 26 science I don’t remember my writing score
SAT II (didn’t study at ALL I know, hadn’t taken chem. Since sophomore year…regular chem. too) Math II 640 American lit 510 (lol?) Chem 450 (lol?) /suicide
Math teacher/tennis coach, I think it was great. Knew me for 4 years and I’m in his class this year. Saw my growth etc
English teacher – refuses to do letters of recommendation he doesn’t feel he should write, also is probably the most knowledgeable teacher about colleges so I feel sort of strongly about this one</p>


<p>pretty weak here...</p>

<p>4 years of tennis (3 varsity)
Won league and district titles in doubles senior year, participating in state in may
4 team titles in a row
won MVP senior year and most improved junior year</p>

<p>nothing else of great value…</p>

<p>wondering about chances at</p>

Santa clara
Boston college

<p>Figured I’d apply to UC Berkeley and UCLA as well was worth a shot</p>

<p>and i've been accepted so far at
Allegheny college (for tennis)</p>

<p>Sorry first time doing this, don’t really know what I should say</p>

<p>Thanks a lot for reading this I know most of these are probably reaches…but you can hope right?</p>

<p>forgot to add i was a captain on the tennis team too</p>

<p>also chances at uc davis as well</p>


<p>your gpa is higher because freshmen year isnt also get a bonus .14 for AP Stats.</p>

<p>your test scores are not very good, and they are hurting your chances.</p>

<p>Matches: UCSC and Davis. </p>

<p>USD is a maybe.</p>

<p>Other UC's are a reach, and im not familiar with boston college.</p>

<p>novalord-what do you mean "your gpa is higher because freshman year isn't included"?</p>

<p>really usd is only a maybe?</p>

<p>i figured i was a shoo in there..</p>

<p>was hoping to get into ucsb as well</p>

<p>UC's dont count freshmen year....and thats your worst year GPA wise.</p>

<p>yeah i was hoping that would give me an edge...maybe give me an outside shot at LA</p>

<p>damn, i thought my chances were better than that</p>

<p>you would have a chance if you had decent test scores....retake them?</p>

<p>you need at least a 2000 SAT to get into LA</p>

<p>damn thats killer.</p>

<p>was banking on my 1260 w/o writing i guess.</p>

<p>damn i wish all schools didn't count fresh year. any others that don't?</p>

<p>Though your GPA is good, your ECs and scores are somewhat weak. As such, I'd say:</p>

<p>Berkeley: reach
UCLA: slight reach - reach
UCSB/UCD: match
UCSC: safe match
USC: slight reach - reach</p>

<p>USD - match
UCSB - match
UCSC - low match
UCSD - low reach
Santa clara - don't know
Boston college - low reach~reach
USC - reach</p>

<p>hey thank you guys for your input, the last 2 posters are pretty encouraging. hopefully it works out :)</p>

<p>could anyone else give any advice? i appreciate it</p>

<p>1 more try</p>

<p>agree w/ Nova</p>

<p>k so if anyone wanted to know how it went</p>

<p>0/5 for the UC schools (haven't heard from berkeley 99.999% sure its as good ast 0/6)</p>

<p>in at santa clara and USD</p>

<p>waiting on USC and BC</p>

<p>pretty crazy</p>