Tolerance at Hiram

<p>My daughter has chosen to attend Hiram College and I am hoping someone can tell me how tolerant the campus is. She applied to, visited and was accepted to several colleges, but after careful consideration and repeated visits she grew very fond of Hiram.</p>

<p>Recently a current student mentioned to her that some of the students can display racist behavior and language and often times a less than progressive attitude. </p>

<p>We know that sadly there is no place that is completely free from this type of ugliness and we are hoping that this was just am isolated incident. I have accompanied her on a couple of her visits and I have seen nothing to indicate that the campus is not warm and welcoming to all that enter, but I have to admit this is making me a tad nervous.</p>


<p>Update - I was able to obtain more info and it seems that this was a case of a couple of bad apples in the bunch and thankfully not at all common.</p>