Tom. the day?

<p>when do you think the letter will come? Would it reach Connecticut by tm, or would it prob only be in nearby states tm? Any idea?</p>

<p>it seems like possibly tomorrow..more likely friday(ny here)</p>

<p>Tomorrow may be the day. I calculated it to be two days from NC to Ohio, where I am using the UPS site. They sent them out yesterday around 3 PM (if my memory serves me), so that would put it here Friday, considering that mail comes around 1 PM here. It's looking like Friday for you carter :) </p>

<p>Best wishes everyone!!!</p>

<p>I actually think they sent them out around 12 yesterday. I live about 2 hours from Winston-Salem so thats probably why I got mine today, but I'm sure most people will get theirs by tomorrow.</p>

<p>so there is hope for a letter tommorow here in MA?</p>

<p>The mail was sorted at the post office in NC on tuesday. It got sent out today and is probably at your local post office now, or if you're in a small area it is at a large regional post office. If it is at your local post office you'll definitely have it tomorrow. So I would say good chance for tomorrow, but definitely by thursday.</p>

<p>tomorrows is Thursday u mean Friday</p>


<p>i got accepted by phone but they told me acceptances were out on the 25th... im form NY... they said there was a good chance it would come tomorrow so get ready everyone and good luck!</p>

<p>I'm a bit worried because I am from Raleigh, NC and still have not received any mail. Three of my friends that live near me got their rejected and two wait list. I dont understand what could be taking my letter so long..I'm dying of suspense</p>

<p>Ehh...don't know. I live east of raleigh near the franklin/nash border close to zebulon but in an unincorporated area if you know where that is and I got mine. Maybe your letter got lost?</p>

<p>I live in CA. Would I get notification around Fri/Sat?</p>