Tomorrow is a doper, phatter, latter day!

<p>I have to pick up my schedule tomorrow which is annoying because it's always the same exact schedule as the semester before it. </p>


<p>After school on Tuesday: APUSH
After school on Friday: Chem Lab</p>

<p>What's yours?</p>

<p>Freshman in high school, this is my block schedule:</p>

1. Hon. Freshman English
2. Hon. Biology
3. French 1
4. Hon. Geometry</p>

1. Drama 1
2. Hon. Algebra 2
3. French 2
4. Hon. Freshman English</p>

<p>These are the classes I registered for next year:
Hon. Sophomore English
Hon. Chemistry
Hon. French 3
Hon. Pre-Calculus concepts
Hon. Trigonometry
AP European History
Drama 2
Drama 3</p>

<p>I wish my school offered better languages such as Japanese, Latin, Russian, or Mandarin Chinese!</p>

<p>My school has Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish. Spanish is the most popular one and Japanese is the least.</p>

<p>Year long, I'm a senior-</p>

<p>1) AP Calc BC
2) Honors Russian literature (heavy eastern euro population at the school)
3) Science fiction reading (English)
4) AP American Govt/ honors African/Africana studies
5) AP physics
6) Student Govt
7) Internship at local university doing bio research</p>

<p>You have a class for science fiction? Oh my lord I want to go to your school.</p>

<p>My school offer Spanish, French, and German. Spanish is the most popular, then German, then French.</p>

<p>You have after school classes? Ouch. Mine is:</p>

<p>AP Calc
Phys lab/Free (changes by the day)
Hon Phys

<p>I have so many frees, this quarter is gonna rock.</p>

<li>Honors English</li>
<li>AP World</li>
<li>AP Spanish 5</li>
<li>Alg II + Trig</li>
<li>Chinese 3</li>
<li>German 1</li>
<li>Honors Bio
I'm a sophomore. My school also offers Latin and French. There are only three girls taking Latin on all levels at my school; it's kind of weird like that.
I can't go on to AP Spanish 6 next year because I have to take AP Enviro which takes up two periods. :/ Whatever, my Spanish teacher's kind of crazy anyways haha.</li>

<p>I think I have one of the easiest schedules out of anyone I know. I have a total of 3 classes, and most weeks I have 1-2 classes a day. AP English, Uni- Calculus 3, Philosophy</p>

<p>I may have the easiest schedule out of any high school senior on this site. I feel so privileged. Lol :D</p>