Too Common/ Clique Even?

<p>Okay, so for my essay the topic was to write about a character in a piece of literary work that you relate to, that isn't the hero. I chose Ron Weasley. I am freakishly /obsessed/ with Harry Potter and I wrote about how his personality traits relate and mine and how they both have 'evolved' and then I talked about an experience I had a few years ago. Is Harry Potter too common? I mean, I chose it because I thought it would be a good representation of myself, but now I am wondering if I did the wrong thing and if there will be a million other HP essays. There are nine essay choices...</p>

<p>I have another one I wrote about my three year volunteer experience with a kindergarten teacher and class and how that has effected me. Which do you think I should use? Thanks. (:</p>

<p>Oh goodness. I am really tired. Title failure. *Cliche not clique. ): It’s 12:30 AM here. Don’t mind me.</p>

<p>Just as another unexperienced applicant, I would say go with whichever you feel more excited about. Which was more fun to write? If you can write better about your relationship to Ron Weasley than about your volunteer experience, then use the Ron Weasley essay. Something important to remember about writing about another person is that you relate it back to you (which it looks like you did). Honestly though, I think there will be so many more people who write about their volunteer experiences than there are people who write about Harry Potter. Unless you have something really special to say about your volunteer experience, it probably won’t stand out much (meaning it won’t really hurt you but it won’t give you that extra boost).
So I guess the answer to your question after that whole convoluted mess is Ron Weasley.</p>

<p>Thank you for the advice. (: I actually ended up choosing my volunteer experience one because my Harry Potter one just did not come together the way I wanted it to, if I had a few more days it might have worked out, but I’m going on vacation tomorrow. My volunteer one; however, turned out really nicely and I think, at least, I made it different. Good luck to you in your application endeavors as well!</p>