Too late for an internship?

<p>I'm currently a 4th year Business Economics major at a UC, graduating this year but will continue taking classes throughout the summer to finish my double major in Anthropology. </p>

<p>Is it too late for me to acquire a summer internship? Will companies even consider me as a candidate for a summer internship, given it's the quarter that I'm graduating in? I've heard that companies primarily want to hire students who are likely to continue their studies after the internship, such as juniors. </p>

<p>I've always held part time jobs throughout my school years. I've worked on campus at the Department of External Relations at the School of CS. I analyzed financial statements, quarterly gift reports, quarterly budget reports, organized and processed gift trackings, supported logistics for social events, keynote lectures, corporate meetings, etc. I currently work in a small, private company that engages in the import/export of textiles and the production of costumes and garments. I primarily deal with overseas vendors, the transfer of shipments, support of inventory management, etc. </p>

<p>I love my jobs and I learn something new everyday. But I just don't feel like I've gained the global corporate culture and skills I want/need that an internship can really provide. I know I should be looking for a full-time position since I'm about to graduate but I would really love to do an internship first during this summer while finishing my classes. Is it pointless to try for an internship? Will companies simply direct me to their full-time openings?</p>

<p>Your focus should be on a full time position in my opinion.</p>